During winter, Niseko, Hokkaido has one of the world's deepest and lightest powder snow in the world. The natural feature of such astonishing snowfall makes it one of the world's best ski resort spots, garnering several top awards as well as commendations of tourists. However, aside from the winter season, Niseko has so much more to offer than just skiing, making it a versatile destination for all travellers. Here, we list the things and experiences that Niseko is famous for based on the seasons throughout the year. 

Winter (December to February)

The weather streams from Siberia in collision with the moist currents of the Sea of Japan creates the perfect champagne powder snow. Due to this and the expansive terrain of Niseko; emerges a skiing haven for skiers and snowboarders. In tandem with the cold season, snowmobiling, horse riding, snow rafting, snow tubing and snow shoeing are other fun activities available. Some famous festivals during this season are the Sapporo Snow Festival, Yukitopia Snow Festival and the Toya Lake Long-run Fireworks display. Don't forget to try out the onsen (geothermal hotsprings) to rejuvenate from the icy grip. 

Spring (March to May)

Waterfalls, rivers, beautiful cherry blossoms and the burst of growth are some of the many sights during spring in Niseko. It's all about nature this season as the rich and fertile soils of Niseko invigorate the terrain to produce deep colours on flowers and vivid greenery. Go cycling, golfing, hiking or hop onto a hot-air balloon to feel and experience the surrounding nature first hand. Also, look out for the Matsumae Cherry Blossom Festival, the Sapporo Lilac Festival and the YOSAKOI Soran Festival and be one with the wonders of mother earth. 

Summer (June to August)

It's time for the great outdoors as Niseko approaches the warmer months. From protected forests, wetlands, flower gardens and natural lakes, nature lovers are said to be spellbound by the breathtaking landscapes and mountains. There is a sport for everyone during summer in Niseko. Go for white water rafting through the roiling streams, ride a mountain bike on adventurous biking trails or steer a canoe in the midst of the vast lakes. The Sapporo Summer Festival, Niseko Cycling Event, Hokkaido Shrine Festival and the Hirafu Matsuri are the events to look out for. 

Autumn (September to November)

When the leaves are changing their hues, the harvest season in Niseko brings tranquility within the warm-coloured environment. Autumn is also the period where subtle changes in altitudes bring forth harvest produce that are higher in natural sugar content, thus, much tastier. It's the time to go on a food adventure and hunt down your favourite delicacies. Explore the local farmers' markets, or travel to the largest food event in Hokkaido, which is held in Sapporo, for some of the freshest ingredients and local food available. 

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