The Mid-Autumn Festival, which falls on 13 September this year, is a time for families and friends to gather and enjoy scrumptious festive foods. If you still haven’t gotten your gift box or mooncakes for the season, here are four places where you can get these delectable treats! 


An array of delectable oven-baked and snow skin mooncakes await at Zuan Yuan, One World Hotel’s Chinese restaurant. Choose from nine baked flavours, including the all-time favourite White Lotus Paste, White Lotus Paste with Single or Double Yolk, White Lotus Black Sesame Paste with Single Yolk, Red Bean Paste, Pandan Lotus Paste, Deep Fried Teo Chew Yam Paste with Single Yolk, Supreme Mixed Nuts, as well as a new addition for the year – Pure Durian Lotus Paste.

The hand-crafted snow skin variants include Snow Skin Red Bean Paste and Pumpkin Seed, Durian Lotus Paste and Pumpkin Seed, White Lotus Paste, Pandan Lotus Paste with Single Yolk, and White Lotus Paste with Single Yolk. To address the trend on overall health and wellness, all the mooncakes are made with low-sugar lotus paste.  Priced from RM18nett per piece, it is available for ala carte purchase or sets of four pieces, encased and beautifully presented in a distinctive custom designed gift box. For orders and enquiries, call +6037681 1159 or email

Available until 13 September 2019. 


Collaborating with Malaysian fashion designer Melinda Looi, W Kuala Lumpur presents a unique mooncake set this festive season. Representing the designers story along with the traditional values that she upholds, as well as W KL’s story as a trendy, urban and edgy hotel which also respects tradition and culture, the mooncake set includes four mooncakes packaged in W KL’s playful vinyl DJ disc mooncake box. It is placed in a luminous translucent square pouch along with a packet of candles, a paper lantern and a little booklet with stories on Mid-Autumn traditions.

The set also includes a Melinda Looi x W Kuala Lumpur tote bag that can be carried around in all its holographic glory. The hotel keeps it classic this year with the old school favourites like white lotus seed paste with single yolk (RM43 nett), red bean paste with aged mandarin skin (RM41 nett), yellow lotus seed paste with double yolk (RM46 nett), assorted nuts with dried fruit (RM43 nett), pandan lotus seed paste with single yolk (RM43 nett) and almond sesame white lotus seed paste (RM43 nett). A box of four with the Melinda Looi x Kuala Lumpur tote bag is priced at RM198 nett.

Available until 30 September at W Kuala Lumpur, or until 12 September at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur’s Mid Autumn Festival showcase. 


This year, the Pavilion Hotel Kuala Lumpur is offering an ensemble of traditional baked mooncakes, featuring all-time signature flavours blended with seasonal produce to give these oriental delicacies a local twist. Keeping with tradition, there are eight quintessential varieties of baked skin mooncakes. All mooncakes are individually sealed and encased in a premium designed box, making it a perfect gift for this celebratory occasion.

The Durian Lotus Paste with Single Egg Yolk is sure to satisfy durian lovers with its rich and creamy durian-lotus filling, while health conscious mooncake lovers can savour the Yam Lotus Paste and Single Egg Yolk. Traditional mooncakes devotees can go for classic flavours such as Lotus Paste, White Lotus Paste, Pandan Lotus Paste as well as Red Bean Paste.  The mooncakes are available for purchase at Pavilion Hotel Kuala Lumpur, at MYR 198 nett per box of six medium mooncakes weighing 115gm each. For orders and enquiries, call +603 2117 2888 or email


Nobu Kuala Lumpur celebrates the Mid Autumn Festival by unveiling Lunar Fortune, an assortment of uniquely flavoured Nobu Style Mooncakes. Recognized for their creative blend of flavour profiles, this year’s auspicious mooncakes feature delectable Japanese flavours.

Amongst this year’s distinct fillings include Miso (fermented soybean paste) yolk, Wasabi yolk, Green Tea and Black Sesame, all set within a traditional, Shanghai or snow skin mooncake. The Lunar Fortune mooncakes are presented within a luxurious, reusable lacquered box, adorned with a variety of distinctive wooden finishes inspired by the décor of Nobu Kuala Lumpur. Completing the exquisite design is a commemorative 3D replica of a traditional Koi Carp available in a Gold or Silver finish. The signature set costs RM148nett while the Premium Set costs RM168 nett. For inquiries or reservations, call +603 2164 5084 or WhatsApp +6019 389 5085.

Available until 13 September 2019.