Come July, Turkey is abuzz with the celebration of music, sports and tradition – indeed the best time to get to know the country and its vibrant culture, aside from its dazzling architecture, sumptuous cuisine and historical monuments. 

“There are a variety of happenings dedicated to different interests such as arts, music, dance, sports and even traditional customs for the locals and visitors to enjoy,” concurs Kaan Yilmaz, attaché at the Turkey Embassy Tourism and Information Office, Malaysia. 

Jazz aficionados and music lovers will be thrilled by tunes at the 22nd Istanbul Jazz Festival ongoing till 15 July, as over 250 jazz icons and renowned musicians take part in over 35 concerts. This year's instalment is set to take place in over 15 different venues parked under the Jazz at Parks event, to be held at the Fenerbahçe Park of the Asian side of the city.

Another exciting event to witness would be the one-of-a-kind 27th Samsung Bosphorus Cross-Continental Swimming Race, where athletes compete to swim or row 6.5km from Kanlıca towards Kuruçeşme, Istanbul's European side. You don't want to miss this spectacular competition held on 26 July. 

After Ramadan draws to an end, the locals will continue to celebrate Eid al-Fitr, or simply put, the Sugar Feast, a tradition that lasts three-days-long right after the fasting season. The Turks will be celebrating the holiday in full swing, marked by a host of activities including the making of traditional pastries and shopping for candy and chocolates. 

For those paying the monumental country a visit this month, these are just some of the attractions to experience that are sure to ignite your sights, sounds, smells and tastes. If you've always planned on paying Turkey a visit, there's no better time to feel the pulse of the city than now. 

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