This season, Casio is encouraging consumers to chase away the winter blues. When the temperature drops and the winter days become mundane, a jet-setting trip is sure to lift spirits.

No matter the destination, a quick getaway is a great opportunity to not only see the world, but also to leave the cold winter landscape behind for something more energizing. While on an adventure, Casio's EDIFICE EQB500 and EQB600 men's timepieces make a great accessory and offer features specifically for travelers.

The Casio EDIFICE EQB600,Photo © Casio

The Casio EDIFICE EQB600,Photo © Casio

Smart and Stylish Design
To help seamlessly keep track of things at home, the EQB600's main dial displays the Home Time (the time and date of the user's current home city), while the inset dome-shaped dial displays the current time zone in the selected World Time city in a 24-hour format over a world map.

This 3D globe dial, installed at the 3 o'clock position, rotates once a day in time with Earth's rotation, with a small round hand indicating the time zone of the selected World Time city. The EQB600 has a high-torque dual-coil motor that provides the power to drive the 3D globe dial. While reproducing an image of the earth's rotation on the dial, it changes settings with smooth movements. A dual layered bezel of stainless steel and aluminum along with a 3D dial with
discernible edges is mounted on a metal case.


Casio’s EDIFICE EQB500, Photo © Casio

For The Modern Man
The EQB500 features advanced functionality and is combined with a modern style that is ideal for any man's lifestyle. Whether he is traveling domestically or abroad, the EQB500 is sure to keep him on pace. Highly dimensional shaping composed of straight edges was used to create a sharply defined index with dramatic edge.

A keen-edged dial in a tough, rugged 45mm stainless steel metal case combines to create a simply elegant and highly functional design. The EQB500 also features a mode dial combined with a speedometer at the 4 o'clock position. The speed calculated from the stopwatch measurement is displayed brilliantly using a design that evokes the speedometers in cars.  In watch mode, it shows the weekday. The EQB500D-1A features green accents, while the EQB500DB-2A features a blue IP bezel, both on a bold 3D dial.

Bluetooth® SMART Connectivity
Both the EQB500 and EQB600 can connect to a smartphone with just a push of a button through Casio's Mobile Link Technology. A dedicated Bluetooth® connection button is installed at the 8 o'clock position. Built large for easy operation, it is identified by a Bluetooth® mark on top. Linking to a smartphone is a very simple operation. By downloading the CASIO WATCH+ app and connecting to a compatible smartphone via Bluetooth® SMART, the watches can access the correct time in its current location and for over 300 cities worldwide, even correcting for Daylight Saving Time if needed. Users also have the capability to swap the specified home time and world time with the press of a button, as well as correct alarms and other time settings. Additionally, the phone finder function provides the ability to help find a lost device by connecting to it and having it emit a sound to help find its location, even if the phone is on silent.

Stay connected with Casio

Stay connected with Casio’s Mobile Link Technology, Photo © Casio

Tough Solar Power
The EQB500 and EQB600 also feature Casio's Tough Solar Power which eliminates the need for battery changes. After a full-charge and without further exposure to light, the timepieces have a battery life of approximately seven months. The timepieces also have a special power save feature that enables them to power down when not exposed to light for a certain period of time which helps to further conserve energy. They can be charged even in low or fluorescent light.