Sweet fun-lovers unite!

After a sell-out season in Melbourne and Brisbane in 2018, Sugar Republic – Australia’s first pop-up Insta-museum dedicated to the celebration of desserts, candy and all things sweet – has now opened its doors in Sydney.

Located on the 6th floor in Myer George Street, the museum features a series of 14 sensory rooms, designed for visitors to relive their childhood – whether it’s climbing a candy ‘rainbow’, splashing about in a giant pink bubblegum ball pit or spinning the Wheel O’Treats.

Take a swing surrounded by fairy floss, dance inside a giant gum ball machine and pose for a sweet selfie in the museum’s pink tearoom, before visiting the Charlie & the Chocolate Factory Garden brought to life with a whole new twist.

Other attractions include a huge sugar-themed neon installation, ‘press for confetti’ button and sweet art by upcoming artists.

The experience will not be complete if the sweets are only to see and not to eat – but fret not, as the museum offers free ice cream and sweets tasting from renowned sweet and candy brands such as Arnott’s, Darrell Lea, Hubba Bubba, Halo Top Ice Cream, Skittles, Starburst, Jelly Belly and Wizz Fizz.

For the first time also, the museum will be holding an Adults Only night on Thursday and Friday nights for those aged above 18 years old, a sweet themed Sugar Republic Cafe to indulge one’s senses even further, and a fun retro candy store and gift shop to take souvenirs home.

The pop up runs until the end of May.

Sugar Republic Sydney

Myer, 6th Floor, 436 George Street, Sydney