A Malaysian favourite, satay is skewered meat grilled over a charcoal fire and eaten with a spicy peanut sauce. ​It is served with cucumber, onions and ketupat, a type of rice dumpling.

  1. Zaini Satay

  Back in the day, satay sellers would carry their wares in baskets balanced on a kandar (long pole). They would do their rounds, stopping at certain locations to cater to regulars. One of them, Masjid Satay, was the king of satay on Campbell Road (now Dang Wangi). Today his grandchildren are still in the satay business, Zaini Satay being one of them. They do brisk business upholding, and stamping their own mark on, Masjid Satay’s Legacy. Their perfectly cooked meats and well-balanced sauce is matched with such cheery service that it is little wonder this neighbourhood joint gets such accolades from punters.

  2. Kajang Satay Haji Samuri

  Kajang is a busy little town in Selangor famous for satay, and Haji Samuri’s name is synonymous with it. He learnt the trade from Tasmin Sakiban, one of the satay pioneers in the area, and his stall beside Kajang Stadium was a popular gathering spot. Under his guidance, the satay here started attracting fans from all over the country and spawning competition. Kajang satay is characterised by its marinade, made with turmeric and lemongrass, which gives it that distinctive yellow tinge and aromatic flavour. Haji Samuri now has outlets all over the Klang Valley and one in Port Dickson.

  3. Satay Zainah Ismail

  This family-run business in Dato Keramat is not easily located, so it is well worth pulling out your map app. Another descendent of Masjid Satay, the skewered meats here are grilled to time-honoured perfection. Generously sized, the meat is juice while lightly charred and caramelised on the outside. Once the stall sets up in the late evening, the grilling action never stops as hundreds of satay sticks make their way to the charcoal grills. The volume is not only to satisfy dine-in customers, of whom there are plenty, but also for takeaway orders, so a wait is often necessary.

  4. O’Mulia Satay

  Size matters at O’Mulia. The sticks are generously skewered with thick chunks of meat, ensuring a hearty bite every time. The peanut sauce is thick and savoury with just a hint of sweetness. The stall in this busy intersection has been going strong for more than 40 years, with father handing down the family recipe to the son. The chicken satay is lovely but we recommend the beef satay for its juicy tenderness. Expect queues during peak hours, so stave your hunger with other food like fried noodles and chicken chop.

  5. Wak Satay Bangsar

  Tucked away at the back of Devi’s Corner, a popular neighbourhood mamak, is this tiny stall grilling up a fragrant, smoky storm. It only has three items on the menu-chicken satay, mutton satay and ketupat. The chicken is tasty but the mutton satay is outstanding. Tender and succulent with just the right amount of fat, it is full of flavour. So good it will have you ordering seconds, and possibly thirds.

  6. Sen Kee Duck Satay, Taman Desa Jaya. Kepong

  It’s not often you find duck satay, so this unassuming little stall attracts the curious who go on to become regulars. The red meat here is a moist and sweet morsel that goes wonderfully with the thick peanut sauce. Other meats sold are chicken, lamb and pork. Opening times can be erratic as they sometimes close to cater for party orders, so call ahead before making your way over.



Satay Zainah Ismail

3437, Jalan Keramat,

603 4256 9973

Sen Kee Duck Satay

Jalan Usaha Ehsan,
Ehsan Industrial Park,
Kepong, KL

6019 218 7538

Wak Satay Bangsar

69 Jalan Telawi 3,
Bangsar Baru, KL

603 2282 7591

Zaini Satay

Naan Corner,
No.5 Jalan Kolam Air Lama,
Ampang, KL

6013 369 3934

O’Mulia Satay

300-1 Jalan Tun Razak,

6019 371 3639

Kajang Satay Haji Samuri

Lots 1-3, Tingkat Bawah and Tingkat 2,
Bangunan Dato’ Nazir, Jalan Kelab,
Kajang, Selangor

603 8737 1853