For their latest campaign, Onitsuka Tiger is revelling in the strong cultural bonds between Japan and Brazil, which contains the largest Japanese community outside of the Asian country. The renowned shoe brand has tapped four artists with ties to both countries to reveal the richness of their soaring imaginations.

The artists, Atsuo Nakagawa, Felipe Suzuki, Hamilton Yokota and Luísa Matsushita, have given rise to new versions of four Onitsuka Tiger models: CALIFORNIA 78, COLORADO EIGHTY-FIVE, LAWNSHIP and MEXICO DELEGATION.

Nakagawa, a prominent street art name in Brazil, reveals her interpretation of The MEXICO DELEGATION, which is a display of majestic realities. Dragons cloaked in mystery and fear are transported from traditional Japanese paintings onto natural leather, resulting in a head turning design.

Onitsuka Tiger

Onitsuka Tiger’s new limited edition collection offers designs that reflect inspiration from both Brazil and Japan

A painter of Japanese descent, Suzuki’s rendition of the COLORADO EIGHTY-FIVE results in a fluid dark grey and black design broken only by a muted symbol of Japan – an embroidered semi-circular detail in orange.

Visual artist, Yokota on the other hand refreshes the 2016 LAWNSHIP with a dramatic pattern set against a natural leather canvas, which serves as the perfect expression of Hamilton’s style and the painting.

Last but not least, visual artist Matsushita has taken the CALIFORNIA 78 and injected an unassuming blend of harmony and the simplicity of life. The shoe is largely unembellished but for the artists’ handiwork with the laces and the splatter pattern on the sole.