The Taipa Village Art Space has announced its second exhibition with the Macau debut of Luso-American Hugo Teixeira’s documentary photography show “Transience: Daredevils and Towering Webs”. This exceptional collection focuses on an iconic Macau fixture – bamboo scaffolding on the city’s construction sites.

“This photographic exhibition aims to capture the passage of time by portraying buildings under construction and the anonymous workers who require an irrational amount of courage to erect the vertiginous towers with bamboo scaffolding,” says Joao O, President of the Executive Board, Taipa Village Cultural Association.

“These buildings present themselves in web-like cocoons of latticework and nylon nets, staging an internal metamorphosis in order ultimately to reveal their true appearance and expose emergent forms.”

In the exhibition, Hugo showcases two types of photographic techniques: ambrotypes – positive photographs on glass created using a labour-intensive wet-plate process; and cyanotypes – produced using a process that creates a cyan-blue print.

The creation of these images involves a large-format camera, two distinct chemical methods, and a demanding production process, offering viewers an inspirational journey of discovery back to a 19th century fascination that long predates the digital era.

The growth of digital photographic techniques has enticed Hugo back to explore these time-honoured processes in a pursuit of authenticity and beauty that also represents a cultural fusion between himself and Taipa Village.

The exhibition marks another step in the transformation of Taipa Village into a lively centre for artistic and cultural endeavour that sustains Macau’s colourful history and unique heritage, as well as contributing to the development of non-gaming tourism in the territory.

The Camera Tells Its Own Truth is on now until 31st March 2017 at the Taipa Village Art Space, 10 Rua dos Clerigos, Taipa, Macau. Admission is free.