As smartphones continue to strive at outdoing each other and their former series, purchasing a new phone has become a mind-boggling experience for users. From our review of the understated HTC One M9+, we realise that Stephen Hawking’s quote on the quiet ones possessing the loudest minds, has never rung more true. We took the latest HTC model out for a spin and can happily declare it one of the best android experiences thus far.

In a nutshell, the phone is a powerful performer in a visually stunning figure. Whether you’re looking for high quality imagery, top-notch sound system and optimum storage, the HTC One M9+ is well equipped for diverse preferences. 

Sleek and luxurious design

As per HTC’s iconic all-metal design, the M9+ maintains a distinct metal unibody, with slender, delicate curves that renders it on par with jewellery grade. The phone’s dual-tone silver and rose gold finish is an industry first, durable as well as complementing to the bright, vibrant display screen.

All about the specs

Pictures have never been more crystal clear: the M9+ is enhanced with a 13.2cm (5.2”) screen that’s bigger than the previous M9, but also a lot more sharper with a 2K resolution and pixel density of 565ppi. At a weight of 168g, the M9+ packs Goliath power, supporting up to 2TB microSD storage to keep treasured memories and important records at your fingertips.

Dynamic Images

Whether you’re a ‘selfie’ devotee or not, humans are visually driven at the end od the day and you’ll be thankful for the new and improved Duo Camera. Equipped with a technologically advanced UFocus™ feature for high dimension, professional-looking portraits and images, the M9+ also possesses a Dimension Plus™ feature for a 3D photo experience, in one tilt of the screen.

To top it off, the new and improved UltraPixel™ front-facing selfie camera with auto exposure is the solution to low light and shaky photos. A whopping 20-megapixel, duo camera lets you shoot videos in 4K resolution (YouTube essentials!). As they say, the only good camera you need is the one in your pocket…  

Outstanding audio

As a phone, the M9+ goes the extra mile by nicely doubling as your iPod, or even better, theatre-like surround sound for your hearing and viewing pleasure, courtesy of HTC BoomSound. For music fans, the phone’s 24-bit high definition sound makes for unsurpassed audio quality, while movie buffs will take pleasure from the dual front-facing speakers combined with 5.1 channel Dolby audio, meaning you’ll access multidimensional sounds without having to connect headphones or stereo speakers!

Little but noteworthy

The M9+ is guarded with the utmost security, thanks to the new finger print sensor that grants easy and swift access within seconds.

And if you’re the sort who enjoys toying with creative photos, the HTC Sense™ 7 with HTC’s EYE™ Experience software presents a host of editing effects to play with to customise your shots, simultaneously enabling you to edit and create movies, with a chance to share and let your friends remix them while you’re on the move.

With apps that help to beautify your photos and videos, your gallery is bound to overflow in no time, but the HTC One Gallery lets you easily retrieve, view and store files with the aid of in-depth search functions.

The HTC One M9+ is available in gold on silver, gunmetal gray and gold on gold. The recommended retail price is USD 593.60.

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