As part of a travel publication, our team travels to document sights and experiences equipped with cameras, laptops, mobile phones and tablets. At any time of the day, we'll be hopping from one device to another and it's often late evening when we have access to power outlets… only to find that we have to make do with a single socket. In situations like this, only half our equipment will be fully charged come morning time. Does the scenario sound familiar?

To get by, we use a lot of power banks or portable chargers, which displays wear and tear sooner than expected. Imagine our relief when the latest Sony CP-B20 charger landed in our laps for a review – since then, ‘low battery’ frustrations have ceased to exist.

We’ll get to the point and sum up four reasons why we love this power bank:

1. Four USB ports: At 20,000 mAh capacity, the power bank features four USB outlets that can charge four mobile phones twice, and four chargeable devices at one go with a fast-charging output of 6.9A. Considering this, it’s easy to forgive the charger for its hefty weight of 550g if it can keep you or your family and friends happy with charged devices at all times.

2. “Pass through” charging: Much like your computer, this charger has the ability to charge devices as it charges, so waiting for your mobile or laptop to fire up is now a thing of the past!

3. Safety functions: With the CP-B20 charger, you need not worry about overheating your mobile. This power bank boasts functions to prevent overcharging, and there’s also a safety timer to ensure your device is sufficiently charged with distinct energy usage. Its built-in abnormal temperature detection feature prevents untimely damage to your devices, too.

4. 1,000x rechargeable: We sure enjoyed that the power bank was pre-charged and ready for use upon unpacking, but we were even more amazed that the charger promises up to 1,000 chargers. That totals up to over two years’ worth of spare power for our devices!

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