Wendy Wee is the Grand Prize winner of Malaysia Airports' recently-concluded Indulge & Relax campaign where she won four return air tickets to Bali and a three day-two-night stay at the Villa Suite of InterContinental Bali Resort. 

Wendy Wee (left) won Malaysia Airports

Wendy Wee (left) won Malaysia Airports’ Indulge & Relax grand prize

“I was travelling to Kota Kinabalu via KLIA and decided to take advantage of the lower prices at the airport to buy my sister a watch.  I‘d always enjoyed shopping at KLIA as there are plenty of good deals and attractive duty free items.  The watch I bought qualified me to take part in the Indulge & Relax campaign. I didn’t think I would win but thought no harm trying since I was already there!  When Malaysia Airports contacted me with the good news I just can’t believe it!  The only other contest I’d won before were vouchers for Korean food!” enthused Wendy.

Wee also revealed that she will be taking her parents and her sister, for whom she bought the watch, to Bali in June 2015.

“It would be my parents’ first trip to Bali and I am looking forward to taking them to some of the tourist attractions.  And my sister will be wearing the ‘lucky’ watch for the trip!” she added.

Malaysia Airports’ Indulge & Relax campaign was held over 13 weeks, from December 2014 till March 2015.  Each week, one participating eligible shopper (who spend a minimum of RM200 at participating KLIA/klia2 outlets) will win a pair of return air tickets and a three day-two-night stay in a standard room at InterContinental Bali Resort. A full list of the 13 weekly winners can be viewed at malaysiaairports.com.my/?m=campaigns 

The Indulge & Relax campaign garnered close to 45,950 entries, racking in sales of more than USD3.8 million. 

There are over 350 outlets located at KLIA and klia2. For more information on promotions at KLIA and klia2, visit malaysiaairports.com.my/indulge