Surrounded by mountains where the most celebrated green tea, longjing, originated, Hangzhou opened the 2017 Hangzhou Tea Culture Expo on March 31, a three-month tea carnival highlighting the history, the making and the tasting of longjing in its best season.

Longjing tea, or dragon well tea, is a classic Chinese green tea known for its delicate taste and long-lasting aroma. The finest longjing tea can only be produced in the West Lake region.

Located 50 minutes from Shanghai by high-speed rail, Hangzhou offers a 144-hour visa-free transit. Home to tea and silk, it continues its legacy from the flourishing dynasty's capital to a vibrant and dazzling metropolis with World Heritage sites, scenic natural vistas and profound Chinese culture.

“For tourists, the tea culture expo during the spring provides the opportunity to experience the best tea. It is also ideal to explore the tales of longjing tea, as they trace back along the history of tea, and experience every step in making and brewing it,” said Zhao Hongzhong, deputy director of the Hangzhou Tourism Commission.

Longjing Village is a perfect destination to experience Chinese green tea during the expo. It's one of the few places where people can enjoy authentic longjing, which is made from the tender tea leaves that are harvested in early spring. Visitors can also watch how it's roasted by hand and join local tea masters to turn, press and spread the tea leaves to make their very own tin of longjing.

Tourists can also visit the China National Tea Museum to learn about Chinese tea through vivid exhibitions and tempting tea houses. The museum is one of Hangzhou locals' favorite places to go, as visitors are immersed in the tea field surrounding the village while tasting fresh tea.