Following through great demand from chocolate lovers around the world, Godiva recently introduced its Chocolixir Collection in Malaysia. The Chocolixir Collection is a line of refreshments, which combine the brand's popular chocolates and other ingredients resulting in a range of smooth and icy drinks.

Currently, customers can expect six varieties from the Chocolixir Collection:

Classic Chocolate Decadence

The first ever Chocolixir which inspired the other inventions. The Classic Godiva Chocolate Decadence is a rich chocolate drink handcrafted to cater to the general chocolate lovers. Using premium chocolate blended with ice cubes and topped with freshly whipped cream with swirls of chocolate sauce, this Chocolixir is the favourite among GODIVA fans. Available in Milk and Dark Chocolate.

Salted Caramel Chocolate

One of the bestselling flavours other than the classic Chocolate Decadence Chocolixir, the Godiva Salted Caramel Chocolate Chocolixir combines chocolate with a sweet caramel sauce and a tinge of salt in one icy drink. The combination of chocolate and salted caramel delivers a smooth and sweet texture with a blend of flavour. Available in Dark and White Chocolate.

Creamy Apple Pie Chocolate

Godiva has reinvented a new Chocolixir blend by adding in classic apple pie with smooth chocolate. It is a sublime treat available in Dark and White Chocolate.

Icy Mint Chocolate

Fresh mint and chocolate makes a perfect pair. Blended with ice cubes, the deliciously complex aroma lingers. Available in Dark and White Chocolate.

Classic Dark Chocolate Raspberry

Godiva Classic Dark Chocolate Raspberry Chocolixir combines the richest dark chocolate and refreshing raspberry jam. With smooth whipped cream swirling on top, the flavours from the Chocolixir is instantly enhanced.

Classic Dark Chocolate Hazelnut

Combining decadent dark chocolate and finest hazelnuts, the Classic Dark Chocolate Hazelnut is the perfect marriage of hazelnut and silky cream.