If you have not thought about taking care of your skin, you should. A new year deserves a new you, and what better way to welcome the new decade than by stepping out in radiant and glowing skin!

With so many treatments out there, it’s easy to get distracted by what your skin actually needs. But for a visible quick fix – the New Year is round the corner after all! – professional skincare centre AsterSpring has come to the rescue with its new Soothing and Rebalancing Therapy for instant radiance.

Using advanced technology including innovative ingredients from France, and an oxygen facial machine from the United States, the treatment helps strengthen and restore balance to the skin’s microbiome. Visible results can be seen immediately following the first treatment.

What Is Microbiome?

Microbiome refers to microorganisms that live in our skin to form an eco-system to keep skin healthy and in good condition. It plays an important part to protect the skin against damage from environmental stressors, keeping it moisturised, and delaying the signs of aging.

However, a weakened skin barrier, eczema, acne, accelerated aging, a stressful lifestyle, poor diet, pollution and other irritants can cause the skin’s microbiome to become unbalanced. AsterSpring’s Soothing and Rebalancing Therapy will restore and strengthen the skin’s health to better combat issues caused by the various stressors in life.

What Is In The Treatment?

The treatment first begins with double cleansing, exfoliation and extraction to prepare the skin for nourishment. Three key ingredients are then applied through an ampoule mist and serum: Botanic-Calm complex to reduce redness and irritation, promote relaxation and protect skin with powerful antioxidants; EquapH complex to boost skin’s moisture; and Synbiotics complex – prebiotics and probiotics to rebalance the skin’s microbiome.

This is followed by two sessions of nano-technology oxygen mist spray for nine times more penetration and hydration. A soothing multigrain masque is then applied for what’s to come next. Surely the highlight of the treatment, a special pressure point and drainage massage is expertly administered by AsterSpring’s professional therapist to further restore the senses and provide deep relaxation. The massage is so good, it will put you to sleep! Finally, a toner, moisturiser and sunscreen protector are applied to round off the treatment.

The Results?

The skin is soothe and calm immediately following the first treatment. Any redness, flaking or irritation is visibly reduced. Its instant moisturising effect boosts hydration and improves dry skin by more than 100 percent. For results that last, it is recommended to maintain the therapy for three months, supplemented by a homecare regimen using products from leading skincare brand Dermalogica. Over time, the skin’s immune system will be rebalanced and strengthened to awaken any lacklustre complexion.

For more information, visit www.asterspring.com.