From botanical extracts to dermatologist approved, there's one among these two beauty brands that will treat your complexion with the TLC it needs. 



O’slee Ruby Peeling Gel

Thoroughly cleanse skin with the Rosehip Ruby Peeling Gel from Hong Kong skincare brand O’slee. It contains hydrogenated castor oil to soften the epidermis and dissolve impurities, natural oat kernel extract to moisturise skin and stabilise melanin, and the star ingredient rosehip to reduce wrinkles and counter free radicals while stimulating production of collagen for skin resilience and elasticity. 

The Face Inc

The Face Inc. Rejuvenate Anti Oxidant III

The Face Inc. Rejuvenate Anti Oxidant III

Find just the right skincare for the different needs of your face with “Dr Rei” of The Face Inc. Dr Rei isn’t a doctor you meet face-to-face but an online programme that analyses your skin’s needs and recommends the right skincare as a dermatologist might. Answer truthfully to a series of questions on the condition and characteristics of your skin, and you’ll be prescribed the right products from cleansers to blemish fixers to sunscreen.