Art will take centre stage in Hong Kong this spring as the city plays host to 'Art Basel' and a list of other cultural shows and events. Furthermore, in celebration of this creative avenue, one of the city's most consistently imaginative restaurants, Felix at The Peninsula Hong Kong, unveiled a specially art-inspired tasting menu that takes guests on a multi-sensory culinary experience.

Following on from last year's much-praised menu based on some of the world's most influential artworks, Felix's Chef Yoshiharu Kaji has conceptualised a five-course dinner inspired by a variety of creative pursuits, from art and music to perfumery and architecture, as well as some of the world's most fascinating cultures. 

As a follow-up to his stunning creations last year, Chef Kaji has worked up an interesting and appetizing set of meals to impress diners.  The opening course for example, called “England and Music”, puts a clever spin on two British comfort food classics while paying homage to the country's influence on popular music. The dish boasts Chef Kaji's interpretation of the Scotch egg and cheese and bacon muffin. It also features several subtle references to a certain famous foursome from Liverpool and the Union Jack. 

For the second course, “Toshusai Sharaku – Ukiyo-e”, Chef Kaji takes inspiration from his homeland and famed Japanese ukiyo-e print artist Toshusai Sharaku. Canadian spot shrimp with miso mayo and horned turban shell snail with herb-garlic butter are sure to enliven taste buds while the dish features an eye-catching depiction of a stylized face from one of the artist's most famous works. This is paired with Koshu white wine from Japan.

The menu will be available each night in March and April exclusively at Felix at The Peninsula Hong Kong.