What better way to celebrate a milestone 100th hotel opening by hosting a music series that will take place for the next 100 days. That’s the idea behind Aloft Hotel’s 100 Days of Music, a global music initiative that will feature 100 artist performances at 100 Aloft hotels over the next 100 days.  

This worldwide tour will offer intimate, exclusive performances by some of the world’s hottest emerging artists as part of the brand’s popular live music series, Live at Aloft Hotels. The current line-up of bands presently slated to perform include Better Than Ezra, The Feeling and many more. 

Additionally, between now and December 31, the world’s hottest up-and-coming bands will take the stage at all of Aloft’s exciting destinations from Brussels to Beijing, San Francisco to Seoul, Milwaukee to Munich as the countdown moves towards the milestone of the 100th hotel opening. 

But it won’t be just about established music acts as Aloft is also aligning its Project Aloft Star with this music initiative. Coinciding with 100 Days of Music will be the 5th instalment of Project Aloft Star, the global talent competition aimed to identify and support the hottest undiscovered emerging music artists. Voting is now open for the finalist at Liveatalofthotels.com, with the winner slated to be crowned November of this year. 

For a complete and regularly updated list of all 100 Days of Music performances, visit LiveAtAloftHotels.com or join the conversation @AloftHotels using #AloftLive.