In the old days, the Tamparuli Bridge in Sabah was built to provide an easier way for villagers to travel across the mighty Tuaran river. It has since become a landmark and passed into folklore, retold through the generations. 

The Sabah Fest Musical Theatre will bring one of these stories to life, through an immersive musical dubbed Solungkui: Jambatan Tamparuli. Reportedly based on a true story, the tragic tale tells of a beautiful young Dusun woman who falls in love with a British engineer tasked with the building of a bridge for Tamparuli's villagers.

After repeated attempts to rebuild the structure ended up with it being washed away, the community's High Priestess demanded a sacrifice to appease Tambuakar, a water spirit said to reside in the river. Driven by ambition, the engineer would ultimately betray his lover into becoming a human sacrifice. 

Rich in culture, heritage and presented by a talented cast, this is a musical not to be missed. 

Tickets may be purchased at the Sabah Tourism Board Office on Gaya Street. 

When: 4-6 May
Where: Auditorium Kompleks JKKN Sabah, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah