Keeping The Traditional Game Of Gasing Alive

An artisan ensures the game of gasing, once a popular pastime, survives the test of time

Ceremonious Cannons

With a past once shrouded in mystery, Malaysia’s bamboo cannons still take centre stage during the Eid al-Fitr celebrations

Spice King

From a mobile store supplying spice powders to the neighbourhood, Santha Store Flour Mill has become a national institution

Bench Notes

Explore the growing popularity of woodworking with these creative craftsmen

Sos Rahsia Gopeng

Dengan sejarah yang berusia lebih lapan dekad, kicap Hup Teck adalah rahsia di sebalik kelazatan sajian-sajian terkemuka Perak

Heirloom Cuisine: Siti Li Dining

Siti Li Dining has emerged as a custodian for Malay heritage cuisine.  Since opening in the gentrified suburb of Damansara Heights last September, Siti Li Dining has earned a reputation as one of the most...

The Orang Asli Weavers Who Are Keeping Their Traditions Alive

Beyond a creative pursuit, the art of pandanus weaving holds significant economic and cultural value among Malaysia’s indigenous people. Words Alexandra Wong Photography SooPhye We cross a bridge, traverse a brook and ascend a flight of...

The Journey So Far: Pandelela Rinong

Malaysia's diving darling heads for the Olympics again

Beaded Luxury

A handmade pair of Nyonya beaded shoes is a piece of wearable art

Get Crafty

Tamu-tamu Collective celebrates Sabah's rich traditions with its craft
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