Getting Crafty With Pewter

Learn the art of Pewter making at The Foundry at the Royal Selangor Visitor Centre

Ringkas Tapi Menarik

Ingin bebaskan diri daripada hiruk-pikuk bandar? Nikmati kehidupan desa Melayu asli di Homestay Kampung Lonek

Keeping The Traditional Game Of Gasing Alive

An artisan ensures the game of gasing, once a popular pastime, survives the test of time

Form Flatterer

A tailor extraordinaire makes beautiful sari blouses that flatter the female form

Ukiran Hidup

Seni Ukiran kayu tradisional diberi sentuhan moden

Things You Didn’t Know About The Malaysian Lion Dance

More than just a cultural tradition, the spectacular lion dance has evolved to become a sport-oriented activity. Words Carolyn Hong Photography SooPhye If there’s one sound that tells you it’s the Lunar New Year in Malaysia,...

Bench Notes

Explore the growing popularity of woodworking with these creative craftsmen

Nostalgia Bidai Bertam

Mempertahankan seni kraftangan bidai bertam daripada hilang ditelan zaman

How Is The Malaysian Keris Made? We Visit A Keris Master To Find Out

Uncover the mystery behind Malaysia’s traditional weapon. As Kuala Kangsar’s royal palace, mosque, museum and well-preserved buildings tower over us, entering Bukit Chandan feels like a journey into a fantasy world. As we drive down...

Cempuling Champions

Practitioners fight to preserve the traditional art form in modern Malaysian society.
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