Old Made New

Putting fun into food, Chef Jet Lo serves new creations based on old favourites

5 Places For Hearty Ramadhan Feasts

Delectable local favourites in cosy settings make these venues our top picks for Ramadan iftar

Famous Dim Sum Restaurants In Malaysia

The most popular restaurants in Malaysia for your dim sum cravings

Ipoh’s Gastronomic Awakening

The sleepy Malaysian city morphs into a hotbed for vibrant new cafés

Marianne Liow: Top Things In Malacca and Milan

The Regional Managing Director for Italian jeweller Damiani in Southeast Asia, shares her tips for Malacca and Milan

Ippudo Malaysia Introduces Exciting New Dishes

New menu celebrates culinary innovation

Contemporary eateries mushroom in Penang’s George Town

Charismatic restaurants stir up culinary diversity in the Malaysian island city

Best Places For Sarawak Laksa

The best restaurants in Malaysia that offer delicious Sarawak Laksa

2019 Culinary Trends

Every year sees its lot of food fads, must-have dishes and flashes in the blazing-hot pan. But what do the food trends of 2019 share? Many of them are as good for us as...

Sweet Sensation

This Portuguese-Eurasian sweet manifestation is the perfect treat for the oncoming Christmas
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