Masala Wheels: From Food Truck To Cafe, This Malaysian Social Enterprise Helps Troubled Youths...

Masala Wheels serves up biryani, with a dash of hope. It all started with a wish to help his brother’s close friend. Four years ago, in 2015, Kuhan Pathy’s brother asked him to find a way...

Top 5 Cake Shops In KL & Klang Valley That Are Worth Every Calorie

Sweet dreams are made of ... butter, eggs and cream. Cake shops are a lusciously toothsome trend

Sherson Lian: What It Takes To Be An Enterprising Chef

According to the celebrity chef, one has to be a picky eater in order to cook better

2019 Culinary Trends

Every year sees its lot of food fads, must-have dishes and flashes in the blazing-hot pan. But what do the food trends of 2019 share? Many of them are as good for us as...

Godiva Introduces World-renowned Chocolixir In Malaysia

Premium chocolatier Godiva caters to local demands for the brand's line of chocolate drinks

We Identified The Best Places For Fish Head Curry

Fish head curry is an indulgent dish of richly flavourful fish head stewed in a curry with vegetables

The 6 Sizzling Spots For Ikan Bakar In Malaysia

Ikan bakar is a popular dish of banana leaf-wrapped fish grilled over a charcoal fire and eaten with a spicy dip

Popular Spots In Malaysia For The Best Cendol And Ais Kacang

Head over to these places in Malaysia to get the best cendol and ice kacang confections

The Top Six Recommended Satay Spots In Malaysia

Sizzling satay is a Malaysian favourite but where can we find those worthy of a 2nd, 3rd and ongoing visits?

The Best Places For Authentic Yee Sang In Malaysia

Six restaurants in Klang Valley that offer the best yee sang in celebration of the Chinese New Year

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