Going Places With Maple Asaro

The entrepreneur and animal rights activist gives tips on her two favourite cities in the world

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Hip young artists, new galleries and a sparkling festival are revolutionising the arts scene in George Town, Penang

Reef Rescue in Malaysia

Like all conservation efforts, mindset change is crucial for our coral reefs — Julian Hyde, GM Reef Check Malaysia

Going Places With SonaOne

The Malaysian Hip Hop artist on his favourite places, discovering Hong Kong and taking on The Ultimate BROcation

18 Magical Things To Do In Malacca

The culturally rich UNESCO World Heritage city is one of Malaysia’s most colourful

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From experiential dining to escapades, our ultimate guide to celebrating Valentine’s Day In West Malaysia

Hidden Hakka Settlements Where Time Stands Still In West Malaysia

These secret alcoves offer an insightful story and portrayal of the Peninsula’s Hakka clan that you can still experience today

Going Places With Dato’ Bernard Chandran

The internationally-acclaimed Malaysian fashion designer lets us in on his favourite haunts in two cities he loves

If You Haven’t Seen Them Before

Lifelike murals invades Malaysian cities

Penang Revisited: A Nostalgic Awakening In Georgetown

One visitor returns to Penang after 40 years and is warmly welcomed by both old comforts and modern changes
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