Biotherm has developed Skin•Best Wonder Mud, the city skin mask to re-oxygenate urban skin. Powered by an extract of H.Pluvialis rich in Astaxanthin, one of nature’s strongest antioxidants + Ghassoul extract, a deeply purifying mountain clay, skin is cleansed and resurfaced. Oxygenated, pores minimized, velvet, the skin glows again.

Riding on the #Multimasking beauty phenomenon, Wonder Mud is undoubtedly a staple item within anyone’s mask rotation. Biotherm highly recommends mixing the mask ritual with Life Plankton Mask and Wonder Mud to cure multiple skin issues in just one sitting.

The arrival is a boon for city dwellers as the city can take the glow away. Every day the city throws what it’s got at the skin. The build-up of grime, toxins, free radicals plus makeup can steal your glow resulting in what is called “City skin.” The targeted mask against ‘city skin’ from Skin•Best works sebum and impurities out of clogged pores and oxygenates skin. Skin breathes again.

Where mask becomes mousse Skin•Best Wonder Mud’s airy, light and non-drying texture is for easy-on, easy-off application. As fresh as a foam upon skin contact, the mask covers skin easily, and the light texture allows for easy removal after three minutes.

Extra exfoliating effectiveness thanks to apricot stone extracts. Crushed apricot stones round out the texture for a gentle exfoliating effect and an original sensory experience. Skin•Best Wonder Mud rethinks the mask: moving bedtime forward for the ultimate purifying treatment any time of day.

Wonder Mud is available in Biotherm counters nationwide and retailing at RM225/75ML.