Bijan, a restaurant specialising in fine Malay cuisine, recently launched its own full-coloured cook book. It is the first time the restaurant is sharing recipes of their popular signature dishes that have been served over the last 10 years.

The cook book titled Bijan – Three Women, Ten Years & A Restaurant’s Journey is the owners’ debut publication charting their roots and discoveries of the restaurant. It also features Bijan's signature dishes and the methods of cooking them – all represented with beautiful up-close photographs of the dishes.

Some of the signature dishes presented in the cook book include: sotong panggang (chargrilled squid), daging bungkus kukus (steamed herbed beef parcels), rusuk panggang (chargrilled beef ribs), sup ekor (oxtail soup), masak lemak udang dengan nenas (pineapple prawn curry), otak-otak (steamed seafood mousse), cucur bijan (bijan fritters), roti jala dengan kari ayam (lace crêpes with chicken curry) and lots more.

Yeoh Way Cheng, author of Bijan's cook book and also a partner of the restaurant wrote the book as part of her personal project.  

Bijan – Three Women, Ten Years & A Restaurant's Journey is available for sale at the restaurant. For information about the restaurant, visit