Be prepared to stay on the edge of your seats as Resorts World Genting’s newest show, Imaginatricks, enthralls audiences with an exciting line-up of entertaining acts, from high-flying acrobatics to captivating dances, graceful skate choreography and comical antics.

Produced by Agosta Artist Co, Armenian director Abraham Kostanian and his multi-talented creative team spent three months looking for the best acts in a wide variety of disciplines from around the world to assemble this spectacular smorgasbord of performances.

The show opens by taking the audience on a trip to one of the most romantic cities in the world – the City of Light, Paris. Lively dancers in alluring French cabaret costumes befitting the theme set the stage for a thrilling evening.

Soaring and flipping through the air, Hungary’s Face Team will raise the audience’s energy levels with a fast-paced acrobatic basketball performance. Watch in awe as these professional basketball players show off their flashy ball handling skills and bounce off trampolines to slam dunk at incredible heights.

The music slows down as champion figure skaters Aleksandr Popov and Elena Efaeva of Russia glide and spin across a specially prepared plot of synthetic ice with grace and beauty, accompanied by the emotional and operatic vocals of professional singers.

In between acts, Ukrainian comedian Oleksii Krasnykh emerges to mingle with the audience and put them in stitches with his comical antics. A world-class performer who specialises in pantomime and sound mimicry, Krasnykh serves as the resident clown at Imaginatricks to keep the show constantly moving.

The death-defying Columbian acrobatic troupe The Gerlings make their appearance towards the end of the show with their incredible high wire act. Suspended high above the stage, marvel at their daring feats of running, dancing, jumping, bicycle riding and an incredible seven-man human pyramid across a precarious wire.

The troupe returns a second time for their climatic performance on the Wheel of Suspense. The four members of The Gerlings putting themselves at risk by running and jumping on the two rotating metal frames are bound to keep viewers on the edge of their seats. Having won awards at the Monte Carlo International Circus Festival, the world’s most prestigious event for circus performers, The Gerlings now bring their dangerous stunt to the theatre for the first time.

Posted by Resorts World Genting on Khamis, 4 Julai 2019

Imaginatricks will be showing at the Genting International Showroom for a whole year, from now until 24 May 2020. The show is on six nights a week at 8pm from Monday to Saturday, with an additional 4pm matinee show on Saturdays. Tickets start from RM96 and are available online at