TOMS has designed watch bands for Apple Watch inspired by founder Blake Mycoskie's friendship bracelets to bring awareness to global light poverty. For every TOMS for Apple Watch band purchased, the company will help provide one year of solar light to an individual in need.

The new TOMS bands are priced from US-

The new TOMS bands are priced from US$49-$75

About 1.2 billion people lack access to safe and reliable electricity, which negatively affects their income, health and well-being. TOMS for Apple Watch bands are available in two different styles and several colour ways. Pricing for bands range from US$49-$75 and are available at and retail stores.

The Utility Collection, a classic look designed for travel and adventure, features premium, durable grosgrain fabric strap and genuine leather detailing is available in five colours. The Artisan Collection, which is available in three colours is inspired by TOMS Founder Blake Mycoskie's collection of friendship bracelets from around the world, features woven fabric and genuine leather backing.

Every purchase will go towards providing solar light for those in need

Every purchase will go towards providing solar light for those in need

All TOMS for Apple Watch bands feature a “GIVE TIME” etching and a gold “TOMS” emboss, as well as genuine leather and stainless steel details for a timeless finish.

TOMS has partnered with two Giving Partners, Solar Sister and Solar Aid, organizations that have a mission to provide solar powered light to those who need it most. These partnerships are formed to ensure that individuals have access to safe, reliable light sources so that one more child will have the time to study into the night, one more person will have the time to work after dark and earn extra income, and one more family will stay healthy and safe.

Solar light has an impact much further than just keeping the lights on longer. Solar light positively impacts:

Education: Solar light allows for additional studying time after the sun goes down.

Economic Opportunity: Families can save an average of 10% of their household income by using solar lights rather than paying for alternative light sources.

Health: Solar light improves respiratory health by eliminating the need to burn kerosene or paraffin within the home.

Safety: Solar light decreases the risk of fire and provides light for travel and necessary tasks.

The Environment: Solar light reduces emissions of C02 gas.