Alcatel has upped its game in the competitive smartphone market by unveiling the new A5 LED, which stands as the world's first interactive LED-covered smartphone. Offering a unique and interactive experience found only in the A5, Alcatel puts its user in charge of how they want to show off their smartphone personality with a dazzling array of LED light shows.

Coloured Alerts
The new model allows light up notifications with a different light show for important incoming calls, messages, alarms, and social media alerts. Users can also use Color Catcher 2.0 to create unique LED cover patterns and themes for a different look every day. Along with an eye-catching personalized light show, the A5 LED also lights up music, with light shows that move with your tunes, switching with a simple shake.

Solid performance and fun selfie features
The A5 LED also boasts a great multimedia experience. It has fast 4G LTE connectivity and an octa-core processor that ensures photos, games, and movies load smoothly to the large 5.2-inch HD display. It also offers a 5MP front camera with selfie flash for brighter selfies even in low light.

It comes with Face Beauty software for flawless images and Face Show, which can turn selfies into personalized video clips for extra fun. There is also an 8MP rear camera with dual-tone flash. Security is also enhanced with Private Mode, with a different sign-in to protect hidden photos and apps.

The Alcatel A5 LED fits comfortably into the hand, with an ergonomic design that boasts a slim profile and rounded edges.