DJI has kicked off its 10th anniversary celebration with a book launch featuring breathtaking photos shot by renowned aerial photographers and passionate amateurs across the globe.

Above the World, a coffee table book with glossy, high-resolution photos taken from the sky, pays homage to the revolution DJI touched off a decade ago. Over the past 10 years, DJI has given the gift of flight via its flight controllers and redefined how people perceive the world with superlative aerial cameras.

DJI is known for its iconic Phantom drone line, as well as its Inspire and larger, professional drones, and its Zenmuse X5 and X5R professional aerial-imaging systems used by photographers and cinematographers.

The book offers readers a chance to enjoy previously unseen moments of beauty and appreciate scenes on the ground from a drone's-eye perspective. It is a centerpiece of DJI's 10-year anniversary campaign, focused on Innovation, Imagination and Inspiration – all hallmarks of the company's surge to a market-leading position.

Above the World will be available at the DJI Online Store  and authorized dealers starting late October.