These places in Asia are not only perfect for adventure, they also make for a lit Instagram feed! Find inspiration and leave with memories of a multifaceted continent teeming with exotic locales, diverse cultures, modern cities and wondrous natural attractions.

Jaipur, India

Once the seat of ancient maharajahs, Jaipur in Rajasthan has plenty to offer Instagram-hungry travelers. One of its most popular attractions is the City Palace, a vast 18th century complex filled with beautiful buildings, courtyards and gardens. Every corner is a potential for photos –  from the colourful Peacock Gate to the Diwan-I-Khas hall with its marble-floored chambers and elaborately decorated archways. Most travelers will know the Hawa Mahal, which sits on the edge of the complex. Made of red and pink sandstone, the striking facade features intricate latticework, and the beautiful geometry makes for stunning shots.

Flores, Indonesia

The many attractions in Flores are a sight to behold. Hike up Mount Kelimutu to catch the sunrise over its ethereal blue and green crater lakes that are cradled within volcanoes, or enjoy a spot of snorkelling and diving at the Riung 17 Islands Marine Park, with its crystal clear waters, colourful corals and vibrant array of marine life. Another great place to rack up the Insta reel is at Pantai Merah, a unique beach which features pink sand from ground up coral that has washed ashore.

Vigan, Philippines

With its quaint, cobblestoned streets and old buildings, it’s easy to envision what Vigan must have looked like centuries ago, at the height of its glory. Today, the historic city in northern Luzon, Philippines is a must-see for its well-preserved Spanish colonial architecture and traditional way of life. There are many old mansions, churches, ancestral homes and spacious plazas that make for perfect photo backdrops.  

Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia

Home to British colonial buildings and unique Chinese shophouses, Georgetown is a multicultural city that wears its UNESCO World Heritage Site badge with pride. In recent years, it has even earned the moniker ‘street art capital of the world’, for its colourful and often quirky murals. Go on a walking tour and explore the grand Cheong Fatt Tze ‘Blue’ Mansion – popularised in the recent Hollywood blockbuster Crazy Rich Asians – or visit historical attractions such as Fort Cornwallis and St George’s Church, the oldest Anglican church in Southeast Asia.

Bagan, Myanmar

Unlike places such as Borobudur in Yogyakarta or Angkor Wat in Cambodia, Bagan remains relatively off the radar for most travelers – which makes it now or never to visit for an authentic experience. Also, you won’t have to jostle or worry about impatient tourists waiting for you to get out of the frame as you take your Insta photos! Widely considered to be one of the world’s greatest archaeological sites, there are hundreds of ancient Buddhist temples scattered across the plains of Bagan. The best way to see them all is by a hot air balloon ride.