Let nature work its magic on you with ingredients that focus on holistic wellbeing and inner health. 

Jojo Struys at Westin

With television personality and wellness author and speaker Jojo Struys appointed as the newest well-being advocate for the Westin Hotels & Resorts, look out for an exclusive Westin Wellness Escape retreat curated and led by Struys at The Westin Langkawi Resort and Spa in the next two months. Struys will share health tips and wellness regimens that promote balanced living based on the Westin brand’s six pillars of well-being – sleep, eat, move, feel, work, and play.


Whiter White

Alleviate skin flaws such as dullness, discolouration and unevenness with the newly upgraded Snowise range from Sulwhasoo. The formula is further concentrated now for best results, containing white ginseng that helps boost collagen and give skin that radiant glow from within. Five products are included in the line, namely the Snowise Brightening Serum, White Brightening Exfoliating Gel, Brightening Cream, Brightening Mask and Brightening Spot Treatment.


Spoon Health Chia Seeds

Already on the healthful-eating radar for a few years now, chia seeds are considered to be a ‘complete’ protein with their high fibre content, Omega-3 oil, calcium, magnesium, vitamin B3 and antioxidants. For busy people with no time to prepare healthful dishes with all the necessary nutrients, Organic Chia Seeds from health food company Spoon Health are easy to add on to any drink or food such as juices, puddings, jams, salads, or tea. Spoon Health Organic Chia Seeds are certified halal, GMO-free and gluten-free.