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Come 19 May, all eyes will be on Meghan Markle as she weds Prince Harry – especially her bridal gown. We won’t know for sure until she walks down the aisle, but it is fun all the same to guess what it will look like.

Is Markle going to pick a traditional or trendy dress? Will she opt for something simple? Or being the glamorous actress that she is (or was), maybe a showstopper design is more her thing?

When her character on Suits got married, Markle had loads to say about her style. She stated then that classic and simple were the name of her game. That, as well as the addition of a modern twist.

“I have the luxury of wearing beautiful pieces of clothing every day for work, so my personal style – wedding or not – is very pared-down and relaxed,” Markle stated in an early-2016 interview. 

Here, we got three Malaysian designers to give us their take on the royal wedding dress.

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Contemporary Appeal

Tengku Mohamed Syahmi Tengku Mahmood thinks that Markle should choose something directional and modern. That being said, he expects she will keep to tradition and not stray too far from the Royal Family’s wishes.

The dress he came up with for Markle is one that he describes as “what a modern princess would wear for her big day”. His design seamlessly infuses contemporary appeal with quiet grace.

“I find her very confident in carrying herself and in what she’s wearing publicly. I think she represents the future of the British monarchy, and as such, she requires a modern wedding dress,” he points out.


Timeless Beauty

For Syomirizwa Gupta, it is Markle’s Hollywood mystique that captures his imagination. Yet, he prefers she wears a really demure wedding dress and not something too over-the-top or trendy. 

“I would say a timeless style would be best. When it comes to weddings, I like my brides to be able to spot themselves in photographs 20 years later and not think that they somehow looked ridiculous,” he states. 

Clean, chic and altogether regal, Syomirizwa’s design has a soft silhouette – plus a hint of vintage feel. It is borderline conservative, but still provides that pizzazz Markle has come to be known and loved for.


Modern Sensuality

Nurita Harith’s design for Markle is effortlessly elegant. The off-shoulder gown offers a sexy vibe, as well as highlights her svelte figure. A subtle button detailing gives it a trendy feel.

Nurita explains that royal wedding dresses have always been traditional. They often come paired with voluminous cuts and lace. However, she would like to see Markle wear something that fits her personality.    

“Markle is a woman with taste. She is a very passionate person – yet she has remained subtle with her selections in the past. She exudes modern glamour on the red carpet, despite choosing classic pieces,” she adds.