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With the summer movie season already here; these are some of the film-inspired rooms that will help you dream about Hollywood in no time. 

Hotel Maison Boutique, Kuala Lumpur

This quaint boutique hotel located on Jalan Baba in Pudu, has made a name for itself with its theme-inspired rooms and it offers rooms and suites that are designed with motifs that include The Beatles and Elvis along with fantasy rooms that celebrate fairy tales and Atlantis. There are also movie-inspired rooms that pay homage to films such as James Bond and the Love Bug, which comes complete with a custom Volkswagen bed.

Eden Hotel, Taiwan 

Comic book fans have gone batty over Eden Hotel’s Batman-themed suite. In addition to bearing all the hallmarks of the Dark Knight like bat-logos plastered all over the room, a Batmobile-shaped sofa and a bat-shaped flat screen TV, the room also comes with creature comforts such as hot tubs. Bruce Wayne would certainly approve and that’s no joke. 

Legoland Resort, Johor

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Everything is awesome. If that song is still stuck in your head, then the Lego hotel in Johor Baru will satisfy your cravings for those iconic plastic bricks. The themed hotel oozes Lego throughout with hotel rooms that borrow themes from its range of playsets and intellectual properties such as Pirate, Kingdoms and Adventure. And if that isn’t enough, there’s a theme park just next door to get your Lego fix. 

The Georgian House, London

Inspired by the Harry Potter films and books, the Georgian House has retrofitted two of their rooms to resemble rooms that look like Hogwarts Wizarding Chambers. Offering guests and Potter fans a chance to savour the wizarding life, the rooms look almost like it did in the movies with gothic-styled rooms decked with four-poster beds and accessories like wizard books, cauldrons and even a school trunk. And yes, they accept Muggles too. 

Sheraton Hotel, Sao Paulo, Brazil 

Someone in the Sheraton is evidently a Star Trek fan, which is why there’s a luxurious suite that looks like the Captain’s quarters of the U.S.S Enterprise. The room is decked out with Star Trek motifs, including Federation logos, multi-coloured LEDs for desired mood effects and space effect wallpaper, tiles and ceiling so it evokes the feeling that each guest is always spaced out, in a good way of course.