What Malaysians Want For A New Malaysia

From better standard of living to zero corruption, here are what they have to say.

Published: 14 September 2018, Photos: Mango Loke

Malaysia's 14th general election in May was a watershed moment for the country when the people voted for change. Four months on, we ask random Malaysians what their hopes and dreams are for a new, and hopefully better, Malaysia. 

"I feel great as the economy is getting better. I hope the government will help the people by creating more job opportunities for Malaysians." - M.Daibamani "I hope to see better standard of living for the people." - Kok Lim "We can breathe easier now. I hope there will be no reason for people to organise rallies to demand for clean and fair elections." - Peggy "Please look into creating more jobs for the people and growing the economy." - Ling Lee "Fair treatment for all races and for everyone to live in peace." - Siti Noor "We want a united nation where freedom of speech is upheld and there is a clean, transparent and corruption-free government that respects democracy." - Brandon, Eugene, Yao, Johnson "More job opportunities for Malaysians, growth in the economy and for everyone to live harmoniously with each other." - Azizah & Azlinda "We have more freedom to speak our minds now, so I hope the government will listen to the voice of the people." - Reza "Malaysia is, and has always been a beautiful country. Together we can make it great again." - Muthu "We have so much to offer to our foreign visitors. I hope the government can look into boosting the tourism industry." - Khoo "I have a good feeling about the new Malaysia. The government should look at helping hawkers and small-time traders." - Siva Lingam "This is our country and we should take good care of it. Bring it back onto the right track." -Dzainual Abidin "I hope to see a country with zero corruption." - Lee Chee Fui "Business has been getting better after the abolishment of the goods and services tax. I hope it stays that way." - Ziaul Huq "I am happy that the rakyat is happy now." - Syed Mansoor "Provide more help for the homeless. Fair and equal treatment for all." - Hafiq & Sifuden

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