5 Fun Places To Visit For The School Holidays

For the perfect family-friendly escape

Published: 13 March 2018, Text by: Eris Choo

With the first term of the Malaysian school holidays just around the corner, it’s time to tear the little ones away from their computer games and mobile apps, for some good ol’ fashioned fun outdoors! Theme parks can be passe, so we’ve listed five unique spots to visit during the upcoming break.


Travel millions of years back in time at Jurassica, an edutaining prehistoric experience now open at The Gardens Mall, Kuala Lumpur. Unlike typical dino-themed parks and exhibitions, the message of planet and wildlife conservation is carried throughout the attraction, through the use of fun edutainment and immersive exhibits and activities. The park covers over 15,000 square feet, and visitors, dubbed Earth Cadets, begin their journey through a ‘time vortex’ to Jurassica.

Once there, Cadets will have to collect vital prehistoric specimens needed to save the planet, through an interactive scavenger hunt in a neon-lit setting. There are also life-sized animatronic dinosaurs, an adrenaline-pumping zip line, a volcanic sky bridge, a sandpit, climbing wall, live reptile zone, a three-storey Jurassic Gym and more. Cretaceous Camp is where visitors will enjoy daily talks by the park’s resident reptile handler, in addition to scheduled talks and workshops by NGOs such as the Malaysian Nature Society and the World Wildlife Fund.

Lost World of Tambun

Night unfolds in astonishing ways at the Lost World of Tambun, as its newest attraction, the Luminous Forest, is set to reveal a luminous landscape of unusual and incredible sights. Begin the mystifying journey by stepping onto the Bridge of Luminosa that floats on Swan Lake, which transports one from the normal realm into the magical forest. Then, discover Mother Sophea, a 400-year-old tree with a magical connection with all living creatures, and Laka Falls, which carries a luminous substance that the Malayana tribe use to produce remarkable healing elixirs.

Be captivated by the phenomenal sight of the many magical live-in creatures, one of them being Shadowfang, a 16-foot-long centipede that protects the forest with its vigilant eyes. At the Garden of Light, one will find flowers in peculiar shapes and sizes that glimmer in the dark, as well as exotic species of insects and animals lurking. Take a stroll further in this celestial land to see the Malayana Throne, where Chief Kukuntalu resides and rules the land justly.


Credit: MinNature
Credit: MinNature

Big fun comes in small packages at MinNature, dubbed Asia’s largest and the world’s third largest permanent indoor miniature and trains exhibition. Located at Summit USJ Shopping Complex in Subang Jaya, the exhibition covers 17,000 sq ft of space and is divided into different zones, each with unique displays. Countryside Life features a highland dairy farm and scenes of kampung houses and plantations, while Seaport illustrates Malaysia’s busy Port Klang, complete with thousands of tiny containers.

Within the Leisure Park zone, there is a zoo with mini animals that are handcrafted from scratch, alongside scenes of concerts and fun fairs. The Ole Smokey Volcano is a hit with many visitors, as it requires them to work together to connect circuits in order to light up the exhibit. The detailed reproductions of buildings, landmarks and landscapes will keep visitors entertained for hours, and new models and dioramas are put up each week.

Farm In The City  

Credit: Farm In The City
Credit: Farm In The City

Get the young ones acquainted with nature and animals at Farm in the City, a petting zoo in Seri Kembangan, Selangor. Parts of the zoo are designed to look like a typical Malaysian ‘kampung’, but the overall environment is similar to a conservation park and has animals roaming freely in enclosures that mimic their natural surroundings. The zoo is home to over 100 species of exotic and domesticated animals, as well as 60 species of tropical fruits and vegetables.

There are 11 ‘habitats’ within, including a Turtle & Tortoise Farm, the Reptile Cavern, Rabbit Farm, Bird Aviary, and more. Visitors are free to feed, touch and interact with the animals, such as rabbits, ferrets, deer, sheep and ponies, and even exotic ones like raccoons, snakes and giant tortoises! The Farm adopts a giving back policy when it comes to animal welfare, and frequently organises charity events to raise awareness on the plight of stray animals, animal cruelty and animal trafficking.

District 21

Credit: District 21, IOI City Mall Putrajaya
Credit: District 21, IOI City Mall Putrajaya

Located within IOI City Mall in Putrajaya, District 21 is an indoor adventure park where visitors, both young and old, can take part in a myriad of fun but challenging activities. Go wall climbing at the Power Station zone, where one will have to use their problem solving skills as much as their muscles to get to the top. Then, practice your dunking and jumping skills at a large trampoline field, or experience the feeling of sliding down a snow bank on an inner tube at the park’s Tubby Ride zone.

Credit: District 21 IOI City Mall Putrajaya
Credit: District 21 IOI City Mall Putrajaya

The Go Kart experience is another great one for families, as the human-powered pedal carts come in different sizes to accommodate both adults and children. Other attractions include the heart pumping Free Fall Device, designed for participants weighing between 20kg to 120kg, that gives visitors the sensation of a free fall before gently lowering them to the ground, as well as the World’s First Indoor Roller Glider. The park does not impose an age limit, but visitors should be 90cm and above in height.

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