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Cheng Koon Si, also known by her stage name, Queenzy started her musical journey at the age of five when she performed to a large audience in her relative’s wedding reception. After discovering her passion for singing, Queenzy picked up piano at the age of seven, a skill and talent that has proven vital in her musical journey till today. Her musical talent has evidently resonated in her since young. Within a short time frame, Queenzy discovered that she was walking in the path of her dreams and desires of being a singer and recording artiste.

An ardent singer at heart, Queenzy has performed across wide genres ranging from classical music to musical theatre and pop. Her name is also synonymous with Chinese New Year albums in Malaysia. Not contented with just singing, the artiste has also added acting to her repertoire with a number of big roles in films and commercials. She has also revealed her entrepreneurial prowess by launching an online flower store and working on her own range of health supplements.

Taking time out from her busy schedule, Queenzy talks to us about music, making albums and her favourite things to pack on her travels.  

You started singing at a very young age. What influenced you?  
I was influenced by both my parents in particularly my dad. He loves listening to Huangmei Opera, a rural folksong and dance. Guess what? I grew up listening to this and my first song which I was able to sing was the tune from the opera instead of nursery rhymes!

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You’ve been juggling between singing as well as acting, how do you balance such a diverse and busy schedule?
I believe that everyone has the ability to juggle and balance their lifestyle provided they are disciplined. Being punctual is extremely important in this industry. We shall never let the audience wait for us beyond the show time or delay the entire filming schedule as each filming slot has been allocated. It is also important to be enthusiastic about the job. Having completed each task successfully brings great satisfaction and rules out tiredness.

Tell us about your online flower store, how did that come about?
My godparents are from Cameron Highlands and they used to grow roses. Together with my business partner, William, we mooted the idea to launch TheSecretPetal.com. We hope to delivery fresh flowers directly from the farm to our customers. We are able to reduce the cost as we source directly from farms and retains the freshness resulting in longer lasting flowers for the recipients.

You’ve launched a number of albums already. What are you working on the moment?
It has become a routine for me to work on Chinese New Year album at the end of each year. This year is special for me as this album will be a reflection of my musical career and journey. I have invited 8 of my students to participate in this album reflecting my childhood. I have also invited Wei Wei, an artiste whom I have collaborated for Chinese New Year album previously. Not forgetting John Wee and Tedd Chan who grown up together listening to my songs. The 2018 Chinese New Year album is slated to release mid-December 2017 so stay tuned to my social media channels to receive the latest updates!

Music is a big part of your life, what do you like to listen to on your travels?
As a Pisces, I am indeed a dreamer. Nevertheless, if you never dream, how would dream come true? Hence songs like Hero and When You Believe will bring the inner dream out of me. Apart from that, romantic songs are also on my playlist.

You’re an avid traveller, what are your favourite local and international destinations to travel to and why?
Locally, I love the cool weather in Cameron Highlands. Sitting down by the fireplace sipping a cup of hot tea or having a steamboat dinner with my loved ones makes me contented. Internationally, I am in love with Amsterdam. Beautiful canals, quaint neighbourhood, Keukenhof (spring gardens), herrings, pancakes, cosy cafes and restaurants, the list goes on for this city. Oh, I will also never miss the canal cruise every chance I get to visit Amsterdam.

Five things you always pack away on your travels?
Mobile phone, my Oris watch, facial mask, lip gloss and jacket.