1. ​Registration with a unique and functional email address on goingplacesmagazine.com is required beforehand to vote.
  2. Each registered ID with a unique email address is only allowed one vote per category every month until the campaign ends.
  3. All votes will be collated in our database and compiled nearing the campaign’s completion to determine the winners of each category.
  4. All data is private and goingplacesmagazine.com will not share the details with any external parties.
  5. goingplacesmagazine.com may introduce participation rewards to voters at any time of the campaign and all voters are eligible and will be in the running to win the prize regardless of participation period as long as the campaign is still ongoing.
  6. Reward winners will be determined via lucky draw and no correspondence will be entertained.
  7. Each reward winner is entitled to only one prize based on the lucky draw results.
  8. The results of the votes will only be revealed at the end of the campaign and during the awards ceremony.