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From October 1, 2014, Pikachu, Lucario and friends will debut in an interactive Pokémon luxury hotel experience exclusively designed for The Peninsula Tokyo by The Pokémon Company. Guests of all ages five and up may don a Pikachu hat and, equipped with a Poké Ball, set forth on an imaginative hotel-wide quest to seek out Pokémon characters!

Available in English and Japanese format, the Pokémon experience requires guests to take on the role of deputy investigator, seeking out clues from digital displays in ten locations within the hotel as they follow the trail of Pokémon characters reported missing.

The activity begins once registered guests have collected their set of adventure goods from the Front Desk. Reports published in the latest issue of The Pokémon Times suggest that some Pokémon characters have begun to disappear on the hotel premises. 

Donning their souvenir Pikachu hat and equipped with a special Poké Ball, a magnifying glass, a copy of The Pokémon Times and a detective’s journal and map, players set out to find ten separate clue locations in order. Along the way, players are required to solve picture puzzles, match and sort shapes and letters, play Flash games and use the magnifying glass to find hidden codes.

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Upon completion of the experience, players will be rewarded with an original Pikachu plush doll wearing the trademark Peninsula Pageboy jacket and gold-braided white pillbox cap. Created exclusively for the Pokémon Hotel Adventure: The Power of Ten, this iconic doll is available exclusively only for participants of the adventure.

Reservations for the Pokémon Hotel Adventure: The Power of Ten can now be made for stays commencing October 1, 2014 at the Peninsula Hotel Tokyo (www. peninsula.com)