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Godiva introduces the 2015 Chinese New Year limited edition goat chocolates.

Published: 29 December 2014, Text by: Justin Chee

To celebrate the coming of Chinese year of the goat, GODIVA launched the 2015 Chinese New Year Limited Collection. The limited edition collection features red tones complemented by gold colours with motifs of goats, which expresses a strong festive personality.

Chinese New Year Limited Goat Chocolates

GODIVA 2015 Chinese New Year Limited goat chocolates are styled to shape like a goat, which convey the meaning of hope for the New Year. The goat chocolates combine Chinese ingredients and floral fillings that offer a unique taste and aromatic fragrance. Three notable flavours include: Chocolate Chevre Blanc Chrysanthemum Ginger, Chocolate Chevre Lait Gui Flower Ginseng & Chocolate Chevre Noir Jasmin Angelica Root.

Chinese New Year Limited Collection Gift Boxes

The Limited Collection Gift Boxes portray a goat outline, representing Chinese New Year. It comes in 9-pieces, 18-pieces and 28-pieces sizes.

Chinese New Year Collection Carre Gift Boxes

The Carre Gift Boxes contain Bresilliene Milk Chocolate Carre and Peru 64% Dark Chocolate Carre pieces. The boxes are designed to represent prosperity and all the good things that will ensue throughout the New Year.

Chinese New Year Chocolate Luxury Gift Boxes

The limited-edition Luxury Gift Boxes contain an assortment of Chinese New Year goat and carres chocolates displayed like jewellery pieces.

Chinese New Year Gold Collection

Wrapped with bright red ribbon with a gold-red satin flower, the collection is for those who want to celebrate the traditional season in luxury.

Chinese New Year Hamper Collection

Last but not least, the Hamper Collection offers a specially edited selection of assorted chocolates and popular items.


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