Budweiser STORM Festival Returns In 2017

11 cities in China and beyond to enjoy highly-anticipated electronic dance music fest

Published: 19 May 2017, Text by: Richard Augustin

Having made a spectacular impact in 2016 on five major Chinese cities and received accolades from media and fans, Budweiser STORM announced its 2017 return to key markets plus expansionary plans into new cities within China, including Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Changsha, and Xiamen.

More lovers of electronic dance music will be able to revel in Budweiser STORM's signature music and lifestyle experience at the festivals, or via live stream broadcast from their living rooms.

The 5 STORM festivals last year brought over 388 million RMB in GDP to host cities
The 5 STORM festivals last year brought over 388 million RMB in GDP to host cities

Additionally, Budweiser STORM Music Festival has announced its unprecedented spread to cities outside mainland China, touching down in Taipei and announcing STORM Australia as part of the 2017 tour. This marks a milestone for the development of the Asian electronic music industry, and for A2LiVE, the pioneering company that is leading the charge.

Historically, the electronic dance music scene in China has drawn heavily from Western influences. With increasing numbers of international festivals taking aim at the enormous consumer market in China, the genre is getting more influences from outside its borders.

When China-born titan STORM goes abroad for the first time, pushing its blend of international electronic music stars outside its home country, China will finally become more cemented in the world view as a real pillar of the electronic music community.

Storm Records partnership with Spinnin' Records
Storm Records partnership with Spinnin' Records

Due to STORM's rapid expansion, more music lovers worldwide will experience the magical energy that STORM produces and propagates. China will no longer only take cues from abroad but will also play a crucial role in innovating, setting the trends and shaping the global dance music scene.

A2LiVE is also proud to unveil its latest project in the world of electronic dance music - Storm Records! This new record label has been formed in proud partnership with Spinnin' Records, the biggest and baddest independent dance music label in the world today.

A2LiVE will collaborate with the iconic Amsterdam-based Spinnin' imprint in order to truly blend East and West - fusing together their vast networks of talented music producers around the world. This will generate interesting new artistic collaborations and a stream of releases that merits the backing of such highly respected industry leaders.

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