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Visit these vibrant spots for a perfect rainbow Instagram feed. 

Batu Caves, Malaysia

Last August, the 272 steps leading up to Batu Caves – a Hindu cave temple tucked within the limestone hills of Kuala Lumpur – received an eye-catching makeover, when they were painted over in hues of green, blue, red, purple, orange, pink and white. When viewed from afar next to the temple’s giant golden statue of Lord Murugan, the Hindu deity of war, it makes for a colourful sight no traveler to KL should miss. Not getting a picture for your Instagram feed is practically illegal.

Bandar Agacia, Malaysia

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Batu Caves’ colourful staircase is not Malaysia’s only rainbow claim to fame. Purportedly inspired by the Main Street themed land as found in Disneyland theme parks all over the world, the Bandar Agacia township in Kampar, Perak boasts dozens of pastel-hued buildings and Disney-themed cafes, restaurants and outlets. They even have Disney-themed street names and a Hollywood walk of fame, so you can pretend you’re in sunny Los Angeles.

Credit: semarangkota.go.id

Kampung Pelangi, Indonesia

Formerly a slum, Indonesia’s Kampung Pelangi (Rainbow Village) in Semarang is a testament to the power of art. The initiative to beautify the village was started by a local school principal, and with help from the government, villagers took charge not only to beautify their homes, but also clean the nearby river. There are more than 200 homes in the area painted over in bright, vivid colours, with some decorated with quirky murals on their walls.

La Trinidad, Philippines

Another ‘rainbow village’ can be found in La Trinidad, where multi-coloured concrete buildings sit perched on the slopes of a hill in Benguet, Baguio province. Inspired by the  colourful favelas of Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, homes are painted by local artists using environmentally-friendly paints, and have become a tourist attraction for those visiting the mountain city.

Image via Pixabay

Caihong Juanchun, Taiwan

There were once over 1,200 homes in Taiwan’s Caihong Juanchun (Rainbow Village), but only a handful remain, guarded by its sole villager: Huang Yung-Fu, fondly known as Caihong Yeye or ‘Grandfather Rainbow’. A former soldier, Huang started painting homes in the village to save them from demolition. Hung’s artworks, which adorn almost every inch of the settlement including the inside of his home, feature trippy hues and vibrant designs, from birds and animals to people. Visitors can still catch a glimpse of the nonagenarian who continues to make art and chat with travelers.