Best Places For Cherry Blossoms

Sakura season is here but Japan isn’t the only place where you can experience these flowers in full bloom

Published: 20 March 2017, Text by: Richard Augustin

Most travellers often spend the year waiting in anticipation for cherry blossom (sakura) season – the time where we get to witness splashes of white and pink flowers as the cherry trees spring into bloom. You’d be surprised to know that this pretty sight is not unique to only Asia alone, and can be seen in the other parts around the globe.  Thanks for ZUJI Singapore, they’ve listed down five locations around the world to witness these gorgeous pink beauties as they dot the cities in a colourful soft splendour.

Gyeongju Cherry Blossom Marathon
Not just a pretty sight but it keeps you healthy too! Every year, the annual Gyeongju Cherry Blossom Marathon draws large crowds to admire the blooms and participate in its annual run. Happening on 1 April, there’s no better way to join the marathon than enjoying the sprint as you breathe in the fresh spring air with blossoming sakura petals dotting the trees and ground.

Bonn’s Tree Tunnel
Looks like it is right out of a fairy tale, doesn’t it? Lucky for us, this picturesque sight actually exists – waltz under a tunnel of the prettiest pink blossoms in Altstadt, a city quarter in Bonn, Germany. A long row of cherry trees line the narrow road, with branches of pink flowers that create a lush canopy above. This gorgeous tunnel bursts into full bloom in Spring, making it one of the most breath-taking views in the city every year.

Charles River Esplanade
Boston, USA
Flowing river by the lush green park? Check. Magical jaw-dropping views of pink cherry blossoms? Check. Charles River Esplanade ticks all our boxes for the perfect tranquil sakura setting. During Spring, people flock to this iconic area for their daily jogs and lounge under the sun with spectacular views of Cambridge, Boston, and let’s not forget, the numerous rows of cherry blossom trees.

Lake Kawaguchiko
Lake Kawaguchikois one of the Fuji Five Lakes that form an arc at the foot of Mount Fuji. Come Spring time, an estimated 300 Yoshino Sakura trees begin to bloom with pink cherry blossoms in the cool air. With the lake’s serene waters and the ever-mesmerising Mount Fuji as the backdrop, it is as beautiful as it gets and definitely makes that perfect Instagram shot. You can also picnic on the grass lawns and admire the cherry blossoms in all their glory.

Yangmingshan National Park
Amidst the rolling grass hills and sweeping mountains, flora-filled Yangminshan National Park is renowned for its hot spring, wildlife, fauna, and of course, the sea of lush white and pink sakura that blanket the park during the blossoming season. Explore the quiet trails or bask in the springtime fragrance of fresh flowers under one of the many pavilions lining the area.

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