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What do you love most about this city?

Mumbai is home and the people are the best part of the city. The city is always so welcoming and that is what visitors and newcomers instantly like about this city.

Where would you take a first-timer to in this city? 

Every first-timer should visit the Gateway of India. This is one of the most historic parts of the city and the monument looks absolutely beautiful at sunrise and sunset. Just opposite the Gateway is also the famous Taj Mahal, which is an absolute stunning piece of architecture.

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What is the one thing that the first-timer must do in this city?

Definitely take a walk along Marine Drive or what we call the Queen’s Necklace, which is a long boulevard overlooking the Arabian Sea on the south side of the city. Everyone’s favourite thing to do is grab some chai and roasted corn from one of the street vendors or an ice cream from the famous Bachelor’s ice cream and sit over the ledge on Marine Drive and look out at the sunset over the sea.

Your favourite dish from here, and where might we find it?

Everyone who comes to Mumbai should try the Vada Pav, which is a favourite street food among locals. You can find this on any street in Mumbai usually made by street vendors. It is also available in most of the local restaurants in the city.

The best thing about the locals.

The locals in Mumbai are very warm and always willing to help you. Even with its massive size you can never feel lost in this city. Someone will come up to you and lend you a helping hand.

Five words that sum up this city.

Vibrant, inviting, fun, sleepless, open-minded.

Where might we find you at 1 am in this city?

Hanging out with our friends and colleagues at a bar or just chilling in front of the TV at home.



One thing about the locals.

The locals are really very friendly. They seem so full of life and love to tell you more about their city and what to do there.

What do you find most refreshing about this city?

What's so great about Adelaide is that it is a compact city with so much to do in and around it. You can either enjoy everything around the CBD – shopping, eating amazing food, walking along the Riverbank, visiting the famous Adelaide Oval, or you could head up to the beach or the hills in just 20 minutes. Even the airport is just 15-20 minutes from the city!

The one experience or place that everyone must try/visit.

There are so many experiences that one can enjoy in Adelaide. Definitely one to enjoy in the city is the RoofClimb experience at Adelaide Oval. It’s so much fun and you get great views of the grounds and of the city itself right from the top. Outside the city, Kangaroo Island is a must do! It’s a stunning island just 25 minutes by air from Adelaide that will transport you to another world. If you want to see Australian nature and wildlife in their true form, this is the place to go.

The one local dish everyone must try.  

The food in Adelaide is just amazing. There is a great eclectic mix of places to eat all around the city. It’s difficult to pick just one dish.

The best thing you can do here for free. 

The best thing you could do for free would be to go and enjoy the outdoor activities. It is so easy and accessible to head up to the hills and go for a hike or just head to the beach and enjoy a swim.

Your favourite memory of this city.

Our favourite memory would have to be when we got to hug a koala and feed the kangaroos at Gorge Wildlife Park in Adelaide Hills. It was one of the best moments of our lives. Another favourite would have to be the tasting of the wine of our birth year at Seppeltsfield Wines. That was something really special!

What was the best piece of souvenir you took home from here?

Loads of memories of all the experiences we’ve had on our holiday. There are so many unforgettable moments.

Name something they have here that you wished you had at home:

Koalas and kangaroos!