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A trend that started out as simple smashed-avo-on-toast has now grown to see cafés and restaurants producing everything from avocado ice cream to avo-lattes. In fact, over the last decade, consumption in Australia has tripled from 1.2 kilogrammes to 3.5 kilogrammes, while production has more than doubled to 66,000 tonnes to keep up with demand, according to industry body Avocados Australia Limited.

Credit: Greenies Real Food

Credit: Greenies Real Food

With the secret out, Australian-style brunches are popping up on menus everywhere from London to New York, but when it comes to quality coffee and a mid-morning feast, there is nowhere better in the world to have it than in Australia.

With the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games happening this month, avocadoes are sure to take centre plate for the world-class athletes competing in Queensland’s Gold Coast. Packed full of good natural fats and potassium, travellers, too, can fuel their trip to the games with hundreds of avocado dishes available across the country.

To help you include a little avo-cardio as part of your trip, we’ve compiled the best, the weird and the wonderful avocado treats to try.

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Credit: Local & Co

Credit: Local & Co

Avocado Croissant

Feeling a little French? Spice up this French staple with some flavour-filled avocado, Persian feta, watercress, mint, lime, seeds and spiced nuts at Local & Co on Main Beach.


Giant Sushi Burrito With Avocado

At Suki Restaurant, it’s a match made in heaven – get all the sushi fillings you love, including fresh avocado and raw fish, and add a little Mexican flavour by rolling it all up into a giant burrito.


Avocado Smash

This smashed avocado and mint on toast, by Leaf and Grain in Byron Bay, is famous on the east coast. Grab this delight to go and head to the iconic Byron Bay foreshore to enjoy breakfast with a view.


Credit: Arthur

Credit: Arthur’s Oysters and Seafood

Avocado Cocktail

Ever considered putting avocado in your cocktail? Try this scrumptious concoction at Yummy Yalla, where avocado is mixed in with a fruity blend of strawberries, fruit salsa and cream to make the ultimate cocktail.


Spiced Togarashi Avocado

This ‘do it yourself’ dish is served at Kitty Burns as a deconstructed breakfast, consisting of half an avocado dipped in Japanese chilli spice to get your tastebuds tingling. It comes with edamame, citrus avo smash and an egg on toast.


Credit: Tricycle Cafe

Credit: Tricycle Cafe

Avocado With Miso

For a modern twist, try out these un-smashed avocados with centres filled with delicious scoops of house-made genmai miso and black bean miso at Tricycle Café and Bar. This tasty treat is too good to refuse.


Green Avocado Smoothie

Feeling the heat in Darwin? Head to Greenies Real Food and pick up a green smoothie full of healthy goodness, like avocado, cucumber, kale, spinach, pineapple, banana and cashews, to cool you right down


Avo Hot Cakes

Credit: Greenies Real Food

Credit: Greenies Real Food

Located on one of Australia’s most iconic beaches, Manly, Arthur’s Oysters and Seafood has created a unique breakfast-styled dessert – avocado buttermilk pancakes with whipped feta, dukkah, poached apricots and cranberries. 

Hash Brown Waffle With Avocado Smash

Can’t decide between avocado and waffles? Now you can have both at Morley Eats, in Rosebery Sydney. A dish made with hash brown waffle base, and topped with avocado smash, chilli jam and fried egg, this delicious breakfast invention is a must.


Green Goodness Avocado Bowl

Looking for something a bit different? Start your day well with this Green Goodness smoothie bowl packed full of superfoods such as spinach, avocado, kiwifruit and bananas at Nood’s Wholefoods in Perth’s vibrant inner-city suburb of Leederville.

Credit: Flames WA

Credit: Flames WA

Avocado Burgers, Flames

Love burgers? Love avocado? Well, make sure you head to Flames WA’s stand at the Fremantle markets in Perth to get your hands on the epic avocado burger. And we’re not talking about a bit of avocado on a burger; we’re talking about avocado burger buns!