Get to know the bustling metropolis of Dubai, one dish at a time. 

With plenty of lanes serving up a myriad of tantalising Arabic, Asian and Western cuisines, Dubai’s streets are great for food lovers. From the bustling boulevards of La Mer and Last Exit to 2nd December Street and Sheikh Zayed Road, there’s a walking food tour to please every visitor. Let the tantalising scents guide your senses through some of the city’s favourite neighbourhoods – many of which happen to be located in the most stunning and historic areas.

Guided Walking Food Tours

Old Dubai Walking Street Food Tour

A treasure trove of sweets and treats, Bur Dubai, the city’s oldest district, is home to plenty of casual eateries and hip cafes serving a mix of Arabian and fusion fares. Get to know Dubai’s time-honoured food culture by embarking on a half-day morning or afternoon walking food tour of the district and sample fresh, wholesome, aromatic, rich and healthy Arabic treats such as fish chermoula, moutabal, b’stilla, b’ssara, fattoush and Iranian ice cream. You can even find mouthwatering Arabic treats like the camel burger – unusual in other parts of the world, but part and parcel of life in Dubai.

2nd December Street Food Pilgrimage

For an insight into Emirati food and culinary culture, join a walking food tour that lets travellers eat their way through the historic 2nd December Street. Enjoy a tantalising selection of Emirati food like the chicken shawarma, hummus and lugaimat, accompanied by refreshing mint-infused drinks. Check out other international fares like the dhal fry, Peshwari mutton and Kabayan cuisine, and while you’re here, uncover hidden gems like curio stores, quirky cafes and canteen-style restaurants.

A Date With Food At The Dubai Marina

Dubai’s stunning marina is home to a selection of seven Asian, Western and Arabic restaurants that are housed in an all-glass cylindrical structure adjacent to the Dubai Marina Mall. Indulge in savoury exquisite fare, including British comfort food, Japanese sushi, fresh seafood and dessert. Round off the night with a photo opportunity with your guide at the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building.

Alserkal Avenue By Foot

An edgy arts district made up of a network of warehouses containing some 20 permanent art galleries and creative stores, Alserkal Avenue has plenty in store for visitors of all ages. Sample fusion food, specialty coffee and single-origin chocolate from a selection of trendy, hip and cool establishments to your heart’s content.

Non-Guided Walking Food Tours

Shop and Dine By The Walk at JBR

Bustling and lively, The Walk at JBR is a picturesque waterfront destination that’s home to a dazzling array of over 70 retail establishments, including cafes and restaurants. Kick-start your trip with a visit to Covent Garden craft market at the Promenade to savour sweets like milk cakes. Keep your eyes peeled for the colourful works of art by emerging local artists and designers at the outdoor pop-up markets, and taste mouth-watering treats from Greece, Italy and more! Grab a cup of iced coffee at a nearby café, or tuck into a fine meal at one of Dubai’s best restaurants nestled along the strip.


Promising visitors’ laidback beachside charm, La Mer is Dubai’s latest beachfront district and a must-see. Replete with alluring views of the city skyline and the Arabian seas, the district is a great place to enjoy pure relaxation and indulgence. Take advantage of La Mer by night with an evening walk through its buzzing, cosmopolitan lanes. Packed with over 130 vibrant restaurants, cafes, bars and retail outlets, embark on an epicurean journey on foot through La Mer’s North and South wings at your own pace.

Last Exit

No culinary sojourn to Dubai is ever complete without a visit to the Last Exit, a dedicated street food truck park. Possibly the city’s most iconic and intriguing park, its entire length is dotted with hip signages and quirky food trucks selling all kinds of food – burgers, crepes, fresh seafood, falafels, kebabs, pancakes, refreshing juices and specialty coffee. Stroll through Last Exit’s boulevards, and try a dozen uniquely Western tastings from local vendors.