The Journey So Far: Pandelela Rinong

Malaysia's diving darling heads for the Olympics again

This Studio In Penang Is Reviving The Ancient Craft Of Woodcarving

The ancient craft of woodcarving gets a boost from a young Penang artisan. Words Alexandra Wong Photos SooPhye Tucked above one of the quieter pockets of Penang’s World Heritage Site, Keng Hwa Carving Studio is a curious study...

Diwali: A Celebration of Lights

Words Dharm Navaratnam  Photography Mohd Fazlin Mohd Effendy Ooi, 123rf Steeped in history, Diwali has its roots in the Hindu celebration of the triumph of light over darkness. In the lead-up to the auspicious day, houses will...

Ipoh’s Dragon Kiln Master

Meet a dragon kiln master from Ipoh, once the ceramic capital of the world. Words Alexandra Wong Photography SooPhye Have I just stumbled into a post-apocalyptic site? Entering Xin Fa Pottery after a short drive over a gravel...

Things You Didn’t Know About The Malaysian Lion Dance

More than just a cultural tradition, the spectacular lion dance has evolved to become a sport-oriented activity. Words Carolyn Hong Photography SooPhye If there’s one sound that tells you it’s the Lunar New Year in Malaysia,...

6 Things You Didn’t Know About Thaipusam

As Hindus in Malaysia and around the world gear up to celebrate Thaipusam on 21 January, we take a look at six interesting facts about the festival. 1) The name Thaipusam comes from Tamil -...

Wangian Roti Ketuhar Batu Di Perak

Peminat setia roti segar dibakar ketuhar telah lama membanjiri sebuah kedai roti tersohor di Slim River, Perak sejak lebih sedek

Form Flatterer

A tailor extraordinaire makes beautiful sari blouses that flatter the female form

Healing hands

Discover the traditional healing rites practiced for centuries by local herbalists, native shamans and midwifes

The Orang Asli Weavers Who Are Keeping Their Traditions Alive

Beyond a creative pursuit, the art of pandanus weaving holds significant economic and cultural value among Malaysia’s indigenous people. Words Alexandra Wong Photography SooPhye We cross a bridge, traverse a brook and ascend a flight of...
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