Global Citizen: Yusof Ghani

The Malaysian contemporary artist, shares his travel secrets for visitors to the capital cities of Malaysia and the UK

Up Close: Dato’ Sheila Majid

The veteran Malaysian songstress reveals her fondness for chocolates and music from the 80s

Up Close: Zul Ariffin

The action star and the romantic leading man hints on his favourite types of people

Goodbye, Wolverine

Hugh Jackman on his time as Wolverine and why he called time on the beloved character

Global Citizen: Richard Quest

The CNN Anchor and Correspondent shares his intimate knowledge of Sydney in Australia and New Delhi in India.

School Of Life

Chef Ili Sulaiman of Agak Agak Initiative shares her expertise in preparing the best talents for the F&B industry

Cashless Future

The Malaysian Electronic Payment System (MEPS) is pushing for an integrated network, shares its CEO Michael Kumar

Take A Bao

A businesswoman with drive and ambition, May Chow’s love for music, fun and good food isn't a contradiction in terms

Waste Not, Want Not

ResQ Club, a food ‘rescue’ service, aims to fight food wastage, one meal at a time

Global Citizen: Eddie Chew

The co-founder of the swanky Troika Sky Dining complex, shares his travel hits for home city Kuala Lumpur and Melbourne
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