Living Heritage

Chef Nurilkarim Razha champions the Jawi Peranakan cuisine he grew up with and strives to preserve Malaysia's culinary tradition

Pretty By Design

Lisette Scheers wants to make the world beautiful

Kwen Liew: First Malaysian Woman To Win A Michelin Star

With Pertinence, Kwen Liew's star is rising high

Up Close: Zul Ariffin

The action star and the romantic leading man hints on his favourite types of people

The Global Cook: Rachel Khoo

The British star of The Little Paris Kitchen fame takes on Swedish cuisine.

The Food Explorer

From studying law to working in one of the world’s best restaurants, Chua Tor Aik isn’t looking back.

Global Citizen: Ian Wright

The travel show host shares his favourites from the coastal town of Broadstairs in England and Yellowknife in Canada.

Global Citizen: Christian Bauer

The co-founder and head chef of Troika Sky Dining gushes about the two cities he loves

Confessions Of A Bake-A-Holic: Shaun Teo

Pâtissier Shaun Teo whisks in fantasy with an artist's eye in designing cakes. Words Yvonne Nathan Photography SooPhye Hunched over a marbled table-top, Shaun Teo concentrates wholly on the task at hand. Peeking out from between...

Crowd-Pleaser: Crazy Rich Asians’ Kevin Kwan

Crazy Rich Asians is a story that transcends race, says its author and executive producer Kevin Kwan Interview Andrew R. Chow Photography Getty Images With its lavish banquets, helicopter escapes and sweeping descriptions of Singapore’s lush...

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