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The Japanese are famed for their noble hospitality, treating guests with utmost respect and serving food of the highest quality, which was exactly what was brought to life at The Table, Isetan Lot 10 alongside premium beer brand Kirin Ichiban.

The two recently collaborated to bring to guests the best of food and beer, with a specially curated menu of Japanese cuisine, made from authentic seasonal ingredients and designed especially to complement Kirin Ichiban. 

A premium beer authentically crafted in Japan using 100% malt, Kirin Ichiban's unique taste offers a smooth and rich flavour as a result of its innovative “First Press” brewing method, where only the first press of the malt liquid is used, to exude a pure, crisp taste with no bitter aftertaste. The beer is crafted to appeal to the palate, and it pairs elegantly with Japanese dishes. 

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Meanwhile, The Table, Isetan Lot 10 offers sophisticated cuisine representative of washoku (food of Japan) and features six restaurants: Toriden, Touan, Yakiniku Toraji, Tonkatsu Anzu, Sushi Azabu and The Tokyo Restaurant – all well known for offering Japanese cuisines made from premium and authentic ingredients, created by experienced Japanese chefs. 

Guests at the exclusive preview got to enjoy exquisite dishes from five of the six restaurants, including grilled yellow tail and snow crab tamagoyaki at Touan, cold cappellini with sea urchin from Hokkaido at The Tokyo Restaurant, as well as scallop katsu at Anzu, among others. They were also treated to cultural performances, a calligraphy session and a fun photoshoot where guests got to wear a yukata (summer kimono). 

Experience the flavours of Kirin Ichiban and the best of Japanese cuisine at The Table, Isetan Lot from 11AM to 3PM and 6PM to 11PM, daily. Kirin Ichiban has also introduced a special promotion, whereby patrons who dine at Toraji over lunch hour from 11AM to 2.30PM can enjoy a Buy 1 Free 1 of beer at RM33++, and a 1 litre mug for just RM100++ all day long. The promotion is valid til the end of January.