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Planning a wedding can be stressful, more so if it is a destination wedding. The last thing you want is to be undecided on the dress, the shoes and the accessories to go with the location, or worse, turn up looking out of place. To help you ace the look, we’ve come up with a list you can refer to for all four seasons, and then some. 


Search for ‘Spring Wedding’ on Instagram and three places will often pop up: Japan, Taiwan and Korea. What do these countries have in common? Cherry blossoms!

There’s no better way to complement the pretty showers of sakura petals than with a pastel hued gown. Or, go for a dress with a pop of colour like magenta or purple, paired with simple, elegant pumps and hair styled up into a braided French twist.

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With hot and feisty Summer knocking on the door, it’s time to head out to catch some rays and embrace the sun. A beach wedding on a tropical island is ideal so think Maldives or Turk and Caicos.

Make the warm (and sometimes very humid) weather and sea breeze your friend by wearing something light and flowy, with your hair styled down in beach-y waves or simple braided chignon. Pay homage to the beautiful ocean with hints of pastel blues or turquoise on the dress. The fun part is you could go barefoot to feel the warm sand as you walk down the aisle, or rock a pair Greek style sandals.

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Autumn is the perfect time of the year for a rustic celebration in the mountains. Become one with nature by having your wedding at a national park such as the Yosemite National Park or maybe even the Grand Canyon.

There are two ways to go about a venue as grand as this: simple and boho, or incredibly grand, to match the picturesque backdrop of the canyon. Regardless of either, having your hair curled and in a half ponytail or a Boho braid would look lovely, paired along with a veil.

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While Winter isn’t the most popular season to get married, it has its merits, such as a snowy white backdrop. If you are planning a beautiful winter destination wedding, put Switzerland, Iceland, Canada or even Russia in your list.

Rule one when it comes to winter weddings? Keep warm. You don’t want to catch hypothermia on your wedding day just to look good! Wear a faux fur shawl or customized bedazzled long gloves. The other alternative is to wear a long-sleeved gown of a thicker material that is still comfortable. Keep your hair down in a waterfall braid or in a side braid bun. Jeweled heels or silver bedazzled pumps would look good against the white snow, although this would mean freezing your toes. All in the name of beauty!

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City Destination

City weddings are flexible, so all you have to do is choose the concrete jungle of your dreams and go ham with preparations. Cities that are highly recommended include New York, Paris, Venice or San Francisco. Imagine getting married with the Statue of Liberty or the Eiffel Tower in the background, it’d look amazing in the photo albums to show the kids and grandkids.

Anything goes for a city wedding which is wonderful because that means you, as the bride, can go all out with your look by wearing a grand, dramatic gown coupled with a long train and a veil as you walk down the aisle in stiletto heels. Keeping the hair up in a sleek up-do that’s modern and chic would complement the city vibes well.

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