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Every woman enjoys a little pampering now and then. So if you’re looking to pamper the special woman in your life, here are some great gifts to consider.

Scent of a Woman

Malaysian fragrance designer Josh Lee has added another creation to his collection of Heritage Through Scent fragrances with the new Nyonya eau de parfum. Drawing on the legacy of the Nyonya, a Peranakan woman of mixed Straits ethnicity, the scent epitomises the modern woman who embraces her cultural heritage, whiffed through notes of rose, jasmine, lotus, champaca, peony and orchid set against notes of bergamot, neroli, cedar, sandalwood and musk. Heady and floral, the scent harks back to the glamorous days of old.

Time For Festivi-tea

Take time to relax and rejuvenate the mind and body with the Moroccan Sahara Tea from premium tea-makers TWG Tea. Its combination of green and black tea containing antioxidants helps fight cell damage, improve blood flow, and lower cholesterol levels. Hints of bitter almond and wild orange flowers add a distinctive taste to this sumptuous beverage. 

Healing Holiday

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With 10 years’ experience as a qualified master in the field of Reiki energy healing, Martin Fields will be sharing his expertise with guests at the Six Senses Con Dao, Vietnam, throughout August this year. Helping guests achieve better wellbeing, Fields will also assist with chakra balancing, meditation and reflexology, all blended with Reiki for a more tailored session based on individual needs. Private consultations with visiting practitioners and weekly wellness activities are all complimentary of the resort.

Sunny Scent

It’s a season for happiness, bottled in a scent in the new XO fragrance from Victoria’s Secret. With a formulation that includes essence of Victoria rose and the rare Twilight Orchid, matched with sparkly citrus notes and warm tones of English Ivy, the aroma is of bliss and peace.